Josh Brolin and Miles Teller Battle Wicked Wildfires in First 'Only the Brave' Trailer

Director Joseph Kosinski made his name by re-energizing a long-dormant movie property with Tron: Legacy; for his next project, he’ll aim to do likewise, as he’s set to helm Tom Cruise’s upcoming Top Gun: Maverick. Before he can take to the skies, however, he’ll be delivering some heated action this fall with Only the Brave, which pairs Josh Brolin and Miles Teller on a squad known as the “SEAL Team 6 of firefighters.” Watch its first trailer above.

Only the Brave is a based-on-real-events drama about the Granite Mountain Hotshots, an elite crew trained to be the first responders to the very worst sorts of conflagrations. After years of preparation, they finally are called in to battle an epic wildfire threatening a nearby town, although that appears to be merely the climax to the film, which first will chart the efforts of Brolin’s leader to get his team certified to do their heroic work, and the struggle of Teller’s newbie to earn his spot alongside the rest of his experienced mates — no matter the sacrifices required for his own budding family.

Co-starring Jeff Bridges, Taylor Kitsch, Jennifer Connelly, and Andie MacDowell, Only the Brave appears to be the sort of uplifting, against-all-odds film that can find traction at the fall box office. It arrives in theaters on Oct. 20.

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