Joseph Quinn on Eddie's fate in the season 4 finale of 'Stranger Things'

Yahoo's Ethan Alter sits down with breakout "Stranger Things" season 4 star Joseph Quinn (Eddie Munson), to discuss season finale spoilers.

Video Transcript

- So I have to say, obviously, RIP Eddie. I'm sorry to say goodbye to you (LAUGHING) on the show. And we're going to be posting this next week after everything's aired and stuff. So can you tell me about filming that scene, your farewell scene?

JOSEPH QUINN: Oh, I remember-- I mean, it's been a while now. But I remember it being pretty cold. It was at the end of a pretty brutal night shoot, where we were filming the bat fight and all of that stuff. And then I went into a makeup prosthetics surgery table. And I was on this table for about two hours with these fantastic makeup artists putting all this stuff on me, and stuff in my mouth, and these contact lenses in my eyes. And then we turned the cameras on and had a go at it. And we didn't have enough time, but yeah, we got away with it, yeah.

ETHAN ALTER: Did Gaten actually really tear up on set? Were those some real tears we saw in his eyes?

JOSEPH QUINN: Yeah. I mean, basically what ended up happening is we shot my coverage, and then it got too light, and then I think maybe about a month later, or a certain amount of time later-- time's kind of odd at the moment-- we shot his coverage in the studio. So he had to kind of carry that burden of having to get back there weeks later. But obviously he smashed out it of the park. So yeah, it's fine.

ETHAN ALTER: You both did. It was a great, great moment.

JOSEPH QUINN: Oh, thank you.

ETHAN ALTER: Was the plan always for Eddie to die? I mean, sometimes the Duffer brothers, I know, can be receptive to keeping fan favorites around. Did you know your fate all along, or were they keeping you in suspense?

JOSEPH QUINN: I did. I mean, I'm not going to lie, I thought if I kind of worked hard enough, they might bring me back. But then I think before I even went there, we got the scripts during the pandemic. So we knew the lay of the land before we even got started. So I knew that it was going to be a one-and-done kind of thing, which is kind of sad.

But it's a beautiful arc for the character. So I feel whilst I'm very sad not to come back and be with those lovely people, there's worse ways to leave the show, you know?