Jorja Smith to Release Second Album ‘Falling or Flying’


Jorja Smith announced her upcoming second record, falling or Flying, set to release on Sept. 29. Her new album marks her recent return to music with singles “Try Me” and “Little Things” and follows her 2018 debut, Lost & Found.

The album was made in collaboration with producer duo DAMEDAME* back in her hometown of Walsall. A press release describes the forthcoming record as “a sonic and an emotional tour of where she’s been, and what she’s been about” in the two years following her third EP, Be Right Back, in 2021. Her new project has also been billed as “a statement that she has arrived” with racing bass lines and heavy beats.

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“I don’t slow down enough,” said Smith in a statement. “This album is like my brain. There’s always so much going on but each song is definitely a standstill moment.”

“It touches on breakups, relationships with my friends, relationships with old friends, relationships with myself,” she adds of the new album. “It’s definitely about a lot of relationships, but every song I write, I can sing it to myself.”

When remarking on Be Right Back, whose “Burn” Rolling Stone called a Song You Need to Know, the artist said the EP “did exactly what I wanted it to do. It was a little waiting room so people knew I was coming back.” As for the five years in between Lost & Found and now — Smith is ready to embrace the ever-changing musical landscape. “I like this world that I’ve just come into. And I’m still figuring things out. Always figuring things out.” Jorja says. “This is the first time I’m putting stuff out there that I can connect with right now.”

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