Jordyn Woods on Growing Up in the Public Eye: ‘People Just Project Their Own Insecurities’

Staying grounded. Jordyn Woods has had to deal with the pressures that come with growing up in the public eye, and she exclusively opened up to Life & Style about how she manages the scrutiny. “I mean, of course, some days are better than others,” the Woods by Jordyn founder, 25, told Life & Style at JBL’s Peaks on Peaks event at Park City Mountain Resort on February 18, promoting the brand’s Endurance Peak 3 earbuds. “Some things affect you more than other days.” Jordyn also pointed out that while widespread attention comes with its downside, it is also rewarding. “I think that as you put yourself into certain positions, there's going to be people that are not going to, like, understand you or support you, or wanna talk down on you,” she added. “But at the end of the day, as long as you believe in yourself and realize that most people are just projecting their own insecurities, then at the end of the day, being in this position gives you an amazing platform to connect with so many people, and to do something positive. So, you take the good with the bad, and hopefully, the good outweighs the bad.” The entrepreneur faced criticism in January 2023 after her brand released a sheer bodycon dress. TikToker Stella Williams posted a video of herself wearing the garment and labeled the “quality” of the material as “giving clearance bin.” In response, Jordyn took the high road by sharing her own TikTok video on January 27 and praised Stella for looking “phenomenal in the dress.” “Thank you for buying the dress. You look great,” Jordyn said at the beginning of her clip. “I also want to thank you for bringing so much exposure to my brand that we just launched [on] Monday. There’s always room for constructive criticism, and I’m always listening to the consumer and how I can get better and improve with every launch.” Apart from her life in the spotlight, the Los Angeles native also recalled to Life & Style how she and boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns' romance began after they “became best friends.” “He has a heart and soul like no other,” Jordyn gushed. “And I think that speaks to me more than anything else. It's just like he's a very special person.” The Life of Kylie alum revealed that she and the basketball player, 27, experienced personal losses in their lives, which “brought [them] together.” Jordyn’s father, John Woods, passed away from cancer in 2017, and Karl lost his mother, Jacqueline Cruz-Towns, after a battle with COVID in 2020. “Life tomorrow isn’t promised, so you just have to appreciate your loved ones while they're still here,” Jordyn concluded. The happy couple never lost their value of family, as Jordyn also explained how her sibling Jodie Woods is a “little sister” to both her and Karl. She also acknowledged that she and the athlete are “very protective over her.”