JonBenet Ramsey’s Brother Talks Years of Media Scrutiny on ‘Dr. Phil’

Part three of Dr. Phil’s interview with JonBenét Ramsey’s older brother, Burke Ramsey, aired Sept. 19. The episode focused mainly on the unwillingness of some people to acknowledge Burke’s and his parent’s innocence, and the role the media has played in it.

Roughly two weeks after JonBenét’s 1996 murder, DNA tests showed that it was very unlikely that anyone in the Ramsey household had committed the crime. In 2008, with more advanced methods of testing available, DNA evidence completely cleared Burke and his parents. But still there are some who view them as the main suspects. Ramsey is not sure what else he can do to convince people of his innocence.

Ramsey believes the media is to blame for this, saying it blows things out of proportion — such as one occasion when Boulder, Colo., police knocked on his door at college to ask for an interview. Ramsey said it was exam week and he didn’t have time. A few months later, this unannounced visit from the police became national news.

Finally, Dr. Phil asked Ramsey if he thinks his sister’s murder will be solved in his lifetime.

“You have to keep the hope alive that it will. I don’t know. You gotta never give up,” he replied.

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