Jonathan Van Ness Gives Update on Self-Care After Health Struggles

Content warning: This story discusses eating disorders.

For Jonathan Van Ness, self-care is always a non-negotiable.

The Queer Eye star recently got candid about where their health stands today after opening up about disordered eating last year, as well as what role Jonathan's many pets play in their self-care routine.

"My health is really good," the 35-year-old exclusively told E! News while discussing their partnership with Autotrader. "But health is not only what we eat: Health is also self-care. And for me, my relationship with my animals—my cats and dogs—is a huge part of my self-care."

Jonathan explained, "It helped me learn about how to take care of someone other than myself. It taught me unconditional love."

And Jonathan—who shared in 2019 that they're non-binary—definitely knows what they're talking about, as a proud animal parent to three rescue dogs, Elton, Rose and Pablo, as well as five cats.

"When I have dealt with whatever anxiety, and disordered eating, and diagnoses that I've been public about and shared, my relationship with my animals is always something that's helped me be consistent," the hairstylist continued. "It's helped me when I've felt sad, anxious, isolated, alone. So I think our pets, they can offer us so much love and so much support. And that's part of why I love animals so much."

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As part of Jonathan's partnership with Autotrader, the New York Times bestselling author helped groom three dogs up for adoption in Austin, Texas—giving them a doggy makeover in anticipation of Aug. 26's National Dog Day—and to raise awareness around the importance of adopting dogs from shelters.

Jonathan Van Ness
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And while puppy love has brought Jonathan fulfilment and a deep bond, they've also turned to other types of care as part of their wellness journey.

In fact, last October, Jonathan opened up about seeking a nutritionist in an attempt to curb their binge eating habits, which had been a long-time challenge for the beauty expert.

"Always been a hot & sexy slut," the Emmy-nominated TV personality wrote on Instagram at the time. "But have also been struggling with binge eating disorder at the same time for a very long time. In April after years of feeling out of control with food I got help."

Ultimately, Jonathan's passion for gymnastics, videos of which they often share on social media, is what encouraged them to seek guidance, as "gymnastics is a huge source of joy for me, and I want to do it for as long and safely as possible." Jonathan said now they make planning to eat a priority, and while they had been nervous to share this information, they felt it was important.

"We are not alone, and its good to ask for help when you need it," Jonathan concluded in the post, which included footage of a gymnastics tumbling routine. "I honor my journey, I feel stronger and more in tune with my body and am so happy to have people to help me along the way."

Jonathan Van Ness
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These days, the Over The Top author remains dedicated to this favorite pastime and still tumbles once or twice a week.

"My gymnastics is going great." Jonathan tells E! News. "It just brings me so much—speaking of health—child-like joy. I'm really passionate about it. And I'm so grateful that at this time in my life, that I get the privilege of doing it. I love the way it engages my brain and my body and it's just—it really is so fun."

—Reporting by Rebecca Ray.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Eating Disorders Association helpline at 1-800-931-2237.