Jonathan Majors’ Sentencing Delayed As Actor Faces Possible One-Year In Jail

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Former Marvel star Jonathan Majors' sentencing has been delayed after his defense lawyer filed several motions with the court.

If convicted, the "Loki" actor, who was found guilty of reckless assault and harassment in December, could receive probation or up to a year in jail.

Majors' career suffered due to the assault trial as major roles vanished and Disney cut ties post-verdict. During the trial, his defense portrayed his ex-girlfriend as vindictive, but the jury sided with prosecutors.

Jonathan Majors' Sentencing Is Delayed

Jonathan Majors Exits Criminal Court in NYC on December 8, 2023

Last December, Majors was convicted of reckless assault and harassment following an altercation with then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari during a Manhattan car ride and was scheduled to face sentencing today.

However, according to court officials who spoke to Deadline, Majors's sentencing has been delayed as his defense lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, filed motions today in New York City.

According to the news outlet, the hearing is now scheduled for a virtual session at 2:15 pm ET/11:15 am PT.

If convicted, the "Loki" actor could face probation or up to a year in jail as a first-time offender in a misdemeanor case.

The actual sentencing may occur later this month, following the court's review of the filed motions.

Jonathan Majors' Career Took A Nosedive After The Trial

Jonathan Majors Refutes Assault Allegations, Lawyer Claims There Is Substantial Evidence To Prove Innocence

The blowback from the verdict left the former Marvel star on a career decline, losing major movie roles and high-profile ad campaigns and getting dropped by his management.

Disney cut ties with the Emmy nominee and pulled "Magazine Dreams," a film where he starred as a bodybuilder, that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to positive reviews.

Following the guilty verdict, Marvel Studios immediately cut ties with Majors and removed him from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Despite these challenges, Majors retains representation with talent agency WME, with his agent, Elan Ruspoli, testifying on his behalf during the trial.

Throughout the trial, Majors' lead defense attorney, Chaudhry, depicted his ex-girlfriend Jabbari as a vindictive "liar" seeking revenge because of the actor's alleged unfaithfulness. However, the jury rejected this portrayal and sided with prosecutors who argued the violence from Majors was genuine and part of a pattern of manipulation and abuse.

The Actor Was 'Shocked' By The Guilty Verdict

Jonathan Majors Arrives To Criminal Court in NYC on December 4, 2023

Following the guilty verdict, Major expressed that he was "shocked" and "afraid" during an interview with Linsey Davis of ABC News Live in January.

During the sit-down interview, the "Antman & The Wasp: Quantumania" actor admitted that he and Jabbari had a rocky relationship. Still, he vehemently denied ever physically harming his ex or any woman. "I was reckless with her heart, not with her body," he said.

However, text messages presented during the trial revealed tensions between the couple, including a disagreement in London prior to Majors' arrest.

Jabbari allegedly texted, "I will tell the doctor I bumped my head if I go," detailing a plan for medical attention. In response, Majors cautioned against it, warning that a hospital visit could "lead to an investigation even if you do lie and they suspect something."

Jonathan majors at the Los Angeles Premiere Of "The Harder They Fall"

During the trial, jurors also listened to audio recordings where Majors berated Jabbari for returning home intoxicated from a night out in London, describing himself as "a great man" in need of a "great woman."

Their relationship eventually met its end during a car ride in Manhattan when an argument ensued after Jabbari saw a text from another woman on Majors' phone. The professional dancer testified that Majors responded aggressively, resulting in her fracturing a finger and sustaining a head injury.

Security camera footage also captured Majors forcefully "manhandling" Jabbari "as if she was a doll" at a stop light. The footage also showed Majors running from the scene, with Jabbari on his heels before she sought refuge with strangers in a nightclub.

Critics Slam Jonathan Major, Claim His Interview Was A 'PR Failure After Another'

Jonathan Majors Refutes Assault Allegations, Lawyer Claims There Is Substantial Evidence To Prove Innocence

Following his interview, critics lambasted Majors, with Nathan Miller, the founder and CEO of a Los Angeles-based communications firm, labeling his ABC interview as a series of "PR failure after another." "Jonathan made a bad situation worse," he noted.

Miller explained: "That interview tremendously undercut his credibility. There's ways of denying you committed physical assault but also acknowledging the complexities of the situation that shows responsibility. The public doesn't like it when they think someone is being evasive and makes themselves a victim."

Another industry insider and publicist, Ramon Hervey II, criticized the timing and relevance of the interview, claiming that it was "a really bad mistake."

He added, "It was irrelevant because he was already convicted. It was also ill-timed — it was not going to change the public perception of him at a time he really needed to be away from the media and await his sentencing."