Jonathan Majors's ex-girlfriend may face arrest as domestic violence case takes a new turn

The NYPD has evidence to arrest the woman who accused the "Ant-Man 3" star of assault.

Jonathan Majors stands in court during a hearing in his domestic violence case on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 in New York.
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The NYPD may arrest Jonathan Majors's accuser, according to multiple reports. It's a surprising turn of events involving the Marvel star, whose promising career has been sidelined amid domestic violence allegations.

Majors was arrested in March on assault and harassment charges as his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, claimed she was attacked. The 33-year-old actor's lawyer has maintained he was the victim and it appears some within the police department agree. The news comes as Anthony Mackie offered Majors public words of encouragement.

Majors filed a cross-complaint accusing Jabbari of slapping and scratching him when she was "drunk and hysterical," according to Insider. In a new report on Thursday, the New York Times cited three sources who said the NYPD believes there is enough evidence to support Jabbari's arrest. Yahoo Entertainment can confirm the NYPD found probable cause to arrest Jabbari after Majors met with the NYPD last week.

A rep for the NYPD only tells Yahoo Entertainment that "an investigation is ongoing" related to the incident and "there are no arrests at this time."

Last week, Majors appeared in court (with girlfriend, actress Meagan Good, by his side) where a trial date was set for Aug. 3. The Manhattan D.A.'s office is moving forward with its case against the actor.

"Our investigation and case into the assault charges against Mr. Majors remains ongoing," spokesperson Doug Cohen tells Yahoo.

Majors's defense team is pressuring the D.A.'s office to bring charges against Jabbari.

"Mr. Majors has been asking for justice as the victim here, and he deserves to have his assailant arrested and brought to court to face the charges against her," Priya Chaudhry explains to Yahoo in a statement on Thursday. "All along, the D.A. has been insistent that it won't give Mr. Majors special treatment because he is 'high profile.' Now that the NYPD, who has actually investigated Ms. Jabbari, is ready to arrest her, I certainly hope the D.A. will not delay prosecution of Ms. Jabbari due to the 'high profile' nature of this case. That would be hypocritical, unfair, and unjust. We are grateful to the detectives of the NYPD and look forward to justice for Mr. Majors."

Jabbari's attorney, Brad Edwards, tells the Times that there is no reason to arrest his client and he's "seen nothing reliable indicating that any agency has developed a different opinion."

"In fact, we understand the criminal case against Mr. Majors is proceeding as expected," Edwards continued. "Out of respect for the criminal process and the prosecuting attorneys who will make decisions based on the evidence, we do not intend to respond to rumors."

Jabbari and Majors were in a relationship for several years, according to the Times. She worked as a movement coach alongside the actor on Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which was released in February.

Three months ago, the former apparently couple got into an argument on the drive back to the actor's residence in NYC. Jabbari claimed Majors broke her finger and lacerated her ear. But the actor's attorney said they provided the court with "irrefutable evidence" this was a lie. Majors claimed the driver of the vehicle will testify that it was the actor who was attacked.

Jabbari went clubbing after the supposed first altercation. Hours later, she arrived back at Majors's residence, but he was not home. When he arrived, he purportedly found her unconscious and half-naked in his walk-in closet. His defense team believes she sustained injuries when she passed out.

Majors has lost multiple projects due to the allegations — but Marvel has not officially cut ties. The actor, who made his debut as supervillain Kang the Conqueror earlier this year, is integral to the MCU. He's set to reprise the role in multiple projects leading up to 2025's Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. Fellow Marvel star Mackie was recently asked about the situation with Majors.

"We're a country that was built on 'everyone is innocent until proven guilty,'" he told Inverse for a profile published on Wednesday. "That's one of the staples of this country. Nothing has been proven about this dude. Nothing. So everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That's all I can say. It's crazy where we are as a society. But as a country, everyone is innocent until proven guilty."