Jonathan Majors Domestic Violence Trial Date Set for November

Jonathon Majors court date Jonathon Majors court date.jpg - Credit: AP Photo/Steven Hirsch, Pool
Jonathon Majors court date Jonathon Majors court date.jpg - Credit: AP Photo/Steven Hirsch, Pool

Jonathan Majors’ team lost a motion to dismiss his domestic violence case on Wednesday, as a New York judge set the Marvel star’s trial date for November 29.

Majors appeared virtually for the hearing on Wednesday after previously attending some of the court dates in person and hand-in-hand with actress Meagan Good in June and August. The 34-year-old was arrested on March 25 after he allegedly got into a dispute with his then-girlfriend. The woman claimed Majors twisted her arm, struck her, and pushed her into the side of a car, causing substantial pain and injuries, according to her police complaint.

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Majors — who faced accusations of physical and/or emotional abuse with two previous romantic partners in a Rolling Stone investigation in June — faces up to a year in jail if convicted on misdemeanor charges of assault, attempted assault, and aggravated harassment.

The actor’s legal team has vehemently denied the accusations and has maintained his innocence throughout the case, with his attorney Priya Chaudhry describing the prosecutor’s case as a “witch hunt” and implying there was racial basis in their investigation.

Wednesday’s hearing comes after prosecutors filed an extensive 115-page motion that leveled a number of hefty accusations against Majors’ legal team, including leaking and misrepresenting court evidence, providing a false witness statement from a driver who saw the alleged attack unfold, and attempting to have the NYPD disseminate a “wanted flyer” for Majors’ ex-girlfriend with her photo plastered on it.

Although Majors filed a counter-police report against his ex-girlfriend in June — which will result in her having to receive a desk appearance ticket and appear in court — prosecutors said they would decline to prosecute any charges brought by the NYPD. “A thorough investigation was conducted into the facts of this case and, in doing so, the People have chosen to prosecute Jonathan Majors,” the court documents state.

Prosecutors also disclosed that they had obtained a police report prepared by the Metropolitan Police in London that they deemed relevant to the domestic violence case in New York. The nature of the police report is unclear, but prosecutors noted they obtained the woman’s medical records and subsequent treatment related to a previously undisclosed September 2022 incident. (A Metropolitan Police spokesperson declined to comment on any case until a person is charged with an offense.)

It’s the latest development in Majors’ case, which has garnered national attention since the actor’s legal team released screenshots between the former couple as purported evidence that the woman had allegedly retracted her claims shortly after Majors’ arrest. Yet the messages depicted a woman in distress and did not dispute the fact there was a physical incident. “They said they had to arrest you as per protocol when they saw the injuries on me and they knew we had a fight,” she wrote. “I told them it was my fault for trying to grab your phone. I only just got out of the hospital.”

In June, Majors’ police complaint described her as the aggressor in the alleged attack, claiming he was left bloody after she allegedly hit and scratched him. Because of that police report, the woman is expected to soon voluntarily report to the NYPD to receive a desk appearance ticket and appear in court. However, prosecutors said they would decline to press charges.

Prosecutors also claimed in court papers that while Majors’ legal team has told the press that “video of the incident existed,” there is no video of the alleged attack. Similarly, prosecutors have claimed that Majors’ lawyers provided them with a witness statement from the driver of the taxi cab the alleged fight occurred in. The driver supposedly claimed that he had seen the woman “tussle with” Majors. However, prosecutors claimed when they showed the same statement to the driver he stated that he “had never written it, approved it, did not previously know it existed, and that the above statements were all false,” according to the motion.

In Rolling Stone’s investigation from June, Majors’ legal team provided six character witness statements from women whom Majors had dated or was close with. When Rolling Stone reached all six people, three said they never gave Majors’ team permission to release such statements. Another woman declined to share the statement credited to her by Majors’ team, saying it was prewritten, not truthful, and that she had never approved of its release. (One did not respond to a request for comment.) Only one woman consented to making her statement public.

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