Jon Voight Defends Donald Trump, Slams Robert De Niro’s ‘Ugly Rant’

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Jon Voight, who endorsed Donald Trump last spring, is defending the GOP nominee and lashing out at actor Robert De Niro for saying he’d like to punch Trump “in the face.”

Voight wrote on Twitter that Trump’s lewd remarks in a 2005 audio conversation with “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush were common among young males. “I don’t know of too many men who haven’t expressed some sort of similar sexual terms toward women, especially in their younger years,” he wrote.

He continued, “Donald Trump’s words were not as damaging as Robert DeNiro’s ugly rant. Trump’s words did not hurt anyone. Can you imagine if any Republican said words like Robert DeNiro used – against Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama? All hell would break loose. I am calling for all Trump supporters to express their outrage and anger against DeNiro and all of the Republican turncoats against Trump. Let Donald Trump know we are completely behind him, and may God give him the strength to continue his calling.”

Trump is 70, and the “Access Hollywood” recording was made when he was 59.

De Niro appeared in a video, released on Friday, in which he lashed out at Trump. His video was shot before the release of the 2005 “Access Hollywood” recording as part of a get-out-the-vote project.

Voight said that he was “so ashamed of my fellow actor Bobby DeNiro’s rant against Donald Trump. What foul words he used against a presidential nominee, who has worked harder then any other man I know in the past year and a half to get a good message to the American people.”

Voight did not attend the Republican National Convention in July because of a production scheduling conflict, but he did narrate a biographical video about Trump.

Another Trump supporter who spoke at the convention, Scott Baio, also defended Trump , writing “I believe every Liberal should give @realDonaldTrump a pass. 11 years ago he was a Democrat.” He went on to slam Bill Clinton for his sexual indiscretions.

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