Jon Stewart Is Over Kanye West, Trump's Antisemitic 'B.S.'

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Jon Stewart said it blows his mind how easily antisemitism flows out of people while singling out rapper Kanye West and former President Donald Trump for their recent comments about Jewish people.

On “The Problem With Jon Stewart” podcast on Wednesday, Stewart discussed West’s remarks about Jewish people in business as well as Trump’s call for Jewish people to “get their act together.”

West, who legally changed his name to Ye and tweeted that he would go “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE” earlier this month, has since doubled down on antisemitic remarks on several media platforms in recent weeks. During an interview with Piers Morgan on Wednesday, West said he was “absolutely not” sorry for his “death con 3″ comment and claimed he was “sorry for the people” that he hurt.

Trump said Jews in the U.S. don’t show him enough appreciation and claimed that they need to “get their act together... before it is too late!

Stewart, who was raised Jewish, described Trump’s comment as “one of the most explicit expressions of just pure ‘Jews have only loyalty to Israel.’”

“I don’t know that it even made the Top 10 antisemitic bullshit of the week,” Stewart said. “In fact, the word antisemitic just doesn’t even carry it anymore. It’s just weird Jew paranoia bullshit that, it’s mind-blowing to me how easily it flows from people’s mouths and fucking everybody’s just like, ‘Wow, that was weird.’”

Stewart also said West thinks a “Jewish guy who’s a dick to him in business” is part of a cabal, a conspiracy Chris Cuomo checked the rapper on this week.

“But at least we know now what Candace Owens says in private. I think it’s pretty clear that that’s the shit that’s flying around,” Stewart said. “So, what do you guys make of someone whose work is beloved, who just decides in the middle of this to be like, ‘And if I wasn’t getting fucked over by the Jews, everything would be working out fine’? And you’re like, ‘You’re a billionaire that’s married to the Kardashians. Like, how bad have we been fucking you?’”

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.