Jon Stewart Brutally Confronts Republican Lawmaker Over Gun Deaths

Oklahoma State Sen. Nathan Dahm went on The Problem With Jon Stewart to advocate against even modest gun control laws and got blasted by Stewart’s debate bazooka.

The Republican politician has authored bills loosening Oklahoma gun restrictions, including the first law in the nation that’s against red flags, thereby making it easier for people who are deemed dangerous to get access to guns.

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In the video below, Dahm says he believes the solution to America’s gun violence epidemic is more guns and focusing on the problems facing people who commit crime.

“You’re bringing chaos to order,” Stewart says. “In every other place in your life, you want to bring order. But guns are the outlier for you. … You’re also making it less safe for cops.”

Continues Stewart: “Police say, ‘If we had gun registration, if we were able to track purchases, they have a technology that every bullet could be stamped like a fingerprint, if we had an ATF that wasn’t defunded, we would be able to enforce gun laws more effectively and we would be able to solve gun crimes more effectively’ — you’re against all of that.”

“Because the person is the threat, not the firearm,” Dahm replies.

“But you don’t want anything that could help law enforcement or society determine whether or not a person is a good guy with a gun or a bad guy with a gun,” Stewart counters. “I don’t understand why you won’t just admit that you are making it harder for police to manage the streets by allowing all of these guns to go out without permits, without checks and without background stuff.”

Dahm insists any such checks would infringe on a person’s Second Amendment right to bear arms, to which Stewart shoots back: “Is voting a right?” and asks Dahm to detail what a person has to do to legally vote. “So you have to register to vote,” Stewart says. “Is that an infringement?”

Stewart also points out Dahm supports banning drag performers from reading to children.

“Are you infringing on that performer’s free speech?” Stewart asks.

“They can continue to exercise their free speech,” Dahm says. “Just not in front of a child.”


“Because the government does have a responsibility to protect —”

Stewart touches his ear, as if to say gotcha. “I’m sorry?”

“The government does have a responsibility, in certain instances, to protect children.”

“What’s the leading cause of death amongst children in this country?” Stewart asks. “I’m going to give you a hint: It’s not drag show readings.”

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