Jon Hamm recalls that time the 'SNL' cast greeted him in full-on 'Mad Men' costumes

Stand-up comic John Mulaney, whose five-year tenure as a Saturday Night Live writer ended in 2012, returned to host the show last weekend. But before he tackled that, he took to social media to invite everyone down a bit of SNL memory lane, specifically, the time when Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm hosted in 2008.

Yahoo Entertainment asked Hamm for his own recollections on the matter. “I was sitting in Lorne [Michaels]’s office and everyone comes in on pitch day, and everyone was dressed in Mad Men gear,” he confirmed. ”Like, everyone. [Bill] Hader was in drag. Bryan Tucker was in drag. Paula Pell had a cigarette taped to her finger because she didn’t know how to smoke.

“And I was sitting there in a denim jacket and a blues hat, going like, ‘Uhhhh … what’s going on, guys?’”

If you’re hankering to take a more in-depth walk down memory lane, here are two clips from that decade-old episode. First, the classic “Don Draper’s Guide to Picking Up Women,” which included such sage advice as “be silent, be vague, have a great name, look fantastic and, most importantly, be Don Draper.”

And then there’s “A-Holes: Pitch Meeting,” which also featured Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss and John Slattery.

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