Jon Hamm Joins The Morning Show Cast For Season 3

Jon Hamm Joins The Morning Show Cast For Season 3

Jon Hamm is suiting up for a new role in The Morning Show.

Apple TV+ announced Aug. 10 that the Mad Men alum is joining Billy Crudup, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and more in season three of the Apple TV+ series. Jon will be playing Paul Marks, described by the streamer as "a corporate titan who sets his sights on UBA, pulling Cory, Alex and Bradley into his powerful orbit."

The show is set to start filming the new season later this month, ahead of the 2022 Emmy Awards, which are set to take place Monday, Sept. 12.

While the series missed out on a nod in the Outstanding Drama Series category, lead actors Reese and Billy, as well as guest actress Marcia Gay Harden, were recognized by the Television Academy in July.

The first two seasons of the series focused on the #MeToo movement and the coronavirus pandemic, and it seems like the upcoming season will explore yet another heavy topic.

The Morning Show and More of TV's Stacked Casts

While details are scant, Jennifer teased it's another important issue. "I can't say much," the Friends alum told Variety in June. "It's a great opportunity to be able to shine a light on areas that are very frustrating and a fear of where we're going as a society."

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She continued, "We try to shed some sort of light on it, and comment on it a little bit. It's a deep well at this point."

As for her own character Alex, Jennifer is hoping for some levity in the new episodes. "I think it's time to see Alex find some love and some passion," she told Variety. "She could put the controls down and go into the vulnerability of opening up her heart, which I don't think she's ever really quite done."

In short, Jennifer just wants Alex to loosen up a bit. "We need her to go out and have a girls' night—and not well. Messy!" she said. "I want to see her go to the supermarket and just walk around the world and get out of her ivory tower a little bit."

The first two seasons of The Morning Show are streaming now on Apple TV+.

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