Jon Hamm had a prosthetic cast made of his nipples for 'Fargo': 'Hopefully they got thrown away. I don't want anybody stealing my nipples'

  • Jon Hamm spoke to Business Insider about his villainous role in "Fargo" season five.

  • His character, Sheriff Roy Tillman, shows off his nipple piercings in episode two.

  • The actor says he had to have a prosthetic cast made of his nipples.

Jon Hamm is sharing a new side of himself in the latest season of FX's "Fargo."

In season five, the "Mad Men" and "Mean Girls" star plays Sheriff Roy Tillman, who is relentlessly hunting a seemingly normal housewife, Dot (Juno Temple), because of her mysterious past.

Viewers can expect a surprise in episode two when Hamm shows off his pierced nipples.

For the scene, the actor says he had to have a prosthetic cast made of his nipples.

"You really haven't lived until you've had a makeup artist do a casting of your nipples," Hamm tells Business Insider. "That is definitely a bucket list item that I can say I've crossed off my list."

The unique character trait was devised by "Fargo" series creator, Noah Hawley, says Hamm.

"It's a specific choice that Noah made for the character that I've leaned into, and thought was very creative and interesting," Hamm says. "I was happy to be able to be on board with that choice. I think it's an interesting, unexpected little 'Fargo'-esque twist."

The "Top Gun: Maverick" star adds that didn't get to keep the cast of his nipples, however.

"I didn't keep them, so whoever's in charge of them, hopefully, they got thrown away. I don't want anybody stealing my nipples," says Hamm.

Nipple piercings are just one element of Hamm's sheriff character, who also holds some extreme views.

"This story was to set up a situation where I think people could definitely see the comic bigness and absurdity of my character," says Hamm. "But also that there's a lot of people in our current culture that might think, while not exactly, what he thinks along similar lines."

Hamm credits Hawley for writing Tillman as such a divisive character.

"I think that he was sort of hoping that some portion of the audience might go, 'Hey, you're making some pretty good points.' While the rest of the audience might think this guy is absolutely loathsome," he says.

"And I think that's an exciting place to be. If you're telling a story, you want to keep your audience kind of guessing," adds Hamm. "it's really fun to play somebody who's extreme, for want of a better word."

"Fargo" season five premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. on FX.

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