Jon Bon Jovi Isn’t Worried About Jake Bongiovi and Millie Bobby Brown’s Young Engagement

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Jon Bon Jovi is a champion of young love. Having married his own high school sweetheart in the Eighties, the musician isn’t batting an eye at his son Jake Bongiovi’s engagement to actress Millie Bobby Brown just because they’re both only just beginning to enter their twenties.

“I don’t know if age matters, if you find the right partner and you grow together,” Bon Jovi told SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live. “I think that would be my advice really, is growing together is wise.”

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Bongiovi and Brown announced their engagement through subtle posts on Instagram in April — if the giant diamond on the Stranger Things star’s ring can be considered subtle. “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, I want ’em all,” the 19-year-old actress wrote, using lyrics from Taylor Swift’s lovestruck single “Lover” as her caption. She posted a black and white photo with 20-year-old Bongiovi, who had his arms wrapped around her while her own hands rested n his forearm to show off the new addition to her jewelry collection.

Brown previously confirmed that the couple first met on Instagram, and the rest was history. Maybe it isn’t as cute of a story as saying you met your partner in third-period biology in high school, but times and changing. Bon Jovi is just happy his kids are happy.

The musician has four children: a daughter, and three sons. Three of them, now also including Bongiovi, are currently engaged. “I think that all of my kids have found the people that they think they can grow together with,” Bon Jovi said. “And we like ’em all.”

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