Has Johnny Depp Really Never Seen One Of His Movies? What Pal Alice Cooper Revealed

 Johnny Depp performing in 2023
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60 year-old Johnny Depp has had a long, successful career as a character actor. Although over the last few years his name has become synonymous with his legal battle with Amber Heard. While his film career is in the midst of a comeback, some surprising news has recently arrived online. Has Depp really never seen one of his movies? Here’s what his pal Alice Cooper revealed about the Edward Scissorhands actor.

Johnny Depp has done some truly iconic movies, including the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, his work with Tim Burton, and even the original Nightmare on Elm Street movie. Considering how long he’s been in front of the camera, one might assume that he’s used to seeing himself on screen. But Alice Cooper recently spoke to The Times about his friendship with Depp, revealing that:

Johnny is a good guitarist and in a way he would have been happiest doing that, playing side of stage in a band and not having to deal with the level of attention he gets. He just happens to be a really good actor. He has never seen a single one of his movies.

Well, my mind is blown. While some actors aren’t fans of watching their performances on screen, Depp has been acting for decades. And as such, one would assume that he would have at least seen one or two of his movies. Alas, that’s allegedly not the case.

Alice Cooper’s comments are sure to circulate online given just how surprising they are. Those two are currently touring together with their band The Hollywood Vampires. The Sweeney Todd actor has been largely focusing on music following the defamation trial verdict, although there were rumors that Depp’s behavior has concerned his bandmates.

While Johnny apparently has never seen one of his movies, I have to wonder if this might change moving forward. Depp’s first post-trial recently premiered, so I guess he hasn’t actually sat and watched it. He’s also directing a movie with Al Pacino, but presumably he’ll have to watch it during the editing process.

Johnny Depp has no doubt attended a number of movie premieres throughout his decades as a film actor, which is another reason why it’s surprising that he’s apparently never actually watched one of his movies. Perhaps he left the theater after posing on the red carpet, or left once the lights went down. But at least he seemingly doesn’t have to pick apart his performances, which is an experience many actors know too well.

It should be fascinating to see what comes next for Johnny Depp. While he’s stayed busy as a musician and with his first few post-trial projects, he hasn’t actually signed on to any major Hollywood titles. There are some fans who want to see Depp return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but there’s been no indication of that happening. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.