Johnny Depp Might Sue Elon Musk Over Failed Amber Heard Marriage

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More details are unfolding about the love triangle between Elon Musk, Amber Heard, and Johnny Depp. However, it is the tech mogul's controversial father Errol Musk who is providing the latest shocking insight into the situation.

With the release of Elon's highly-anticipated memoir earlier this month, Eroll, who was painted as an "abusive and manipulative" dad is giving an insight into his son's love life and his role as a partner and father.

Johnny Depp Reportedly 'Blames' Elon Musk For Failed Amber Heard Marriage

The 77-year-old patriarch in a new interview, opened up about why he thinks Heard was the right woman for his billionaire son.


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As fans may recall, the Tesla founder and Heard were briefly an item between 2017 and 2018. At the time, the "Aquaman" actress and her estranged lover Depp were knee-deep in their divorce proceedings after splitting in 2016.

Heard and Elon's alleged "extramarital affair" was also topic that came up in the contentious defamation suit between the actress and her ex-husband that took the world by storm in 2022.

"I thought Amber Heard was perfect for him," Errol said while speaking to Daily Mail. "Elon was in love with Amber for a long while before she got divorced from Johnny Depp."

"It's natural to want to be the dominant seed. But if you have children in vitro..." the controversial patriarch says, seemingly mocking all of his son's children who were welcome via IVF.

According to Errol, although Heard and the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor have been split since 2016, Depp still blames his son for their failed marriage. "[Depp] blames Elon for the breakdown of his marriage and is on the cusp of suing him for that still," the tech mogul's dad claimed.

As for his son's on-and-off romance with Grimes, with whom he has three children, Errol doesn't seem to be a fan. "'X is a weird name for a child, completely weird. I think that Grimes girl is weird, too. The last I heard she was living with a woman, then she's back with him, then she's gone again. She's a bit of a nutcase. Now Elon's on his own. He wants a woman who's got brains and beauty," he declared.

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Grimes and the owner of X conceived their son X Æ A-12 in 2018 via IVF, after which came their daughter Exa Dark Siderael, whom they call Y, in 2021 via surrogate. The news of their third secret child —whose name has been revealed as  Techno Mechanicus — only broke this month in anticipation of Musk's memoir.

Grimes' Wants To Keep Baby No. 3 Out Of The Public Eye

Errol's recent controversial opinions about his son's love life come weeks after Grimes confirmed that she and the Space X founder chose to keep the birth of their third child a secret.

After a teaser of Walter Isaacson's biography revealed that they had a second boy in 2022, the "Shinigami Eyes" songstress took to X to clear the air and get ahead of the narrative. She also addressed rumors of a feud with Shivon Zilis — Elon's employee with whom he welcomed twins in 2021.

"Hey, I would prefer to not breathe any more life into this current press cycle but I want to de-escalate the narrative atm," Grimes began. "I spoke with Shivon at length finally, which was long overdue. This wasn't her fault, plz don't be angry at her! We respect each other a lot and we're excited to become friends and have the kids grow up together."

"Communication about the twins wasn't handled super well in the past, but I now totally understand what happened and totally forgive the situation. Women are so often pitted against each other. Speaking with Shivon, it's very evident she's an amazing human and we both just want what's best for our kids," she continued.

Amber Heard

As for baby Techno, Grimes confessed, "I wish I could show u how cute little Techno is 👽  but my priority rn is keeping my babies out of the public eye, Plz respect that at this time 🙏🏻."

The state of Grimes and Elon's relationship is currently unknown, but she recently discussed her fears with the tech mogul being the father of her children. "I think their life is gonna be pretty intense," the Webby winner said of her children. "Being Elon’s kid is not the same as being anyone’s kid."