'Johnny & Clyde' sneak peek: 'Daddy, I have great news'

Watch Megan Fox in an exclusive clip from her new thriller.

Video Transcript


- Daddy, I have great news.

- (DISTORTED) Make it fast. Daddy's busy.

- Well, profits have never been better, and yes, we did hit a few hiccups along the way. But that is all smoothed out now.

- (DISTORTED, ON PHONE) What do you know about Johnny and Clyde?

- Oh, they're just zits waiting to be popped.

- (DISTORTED, ON PHONE) Always something with you.

- Daddy. Sir. I was thinking-- I've been here for a few years, and I have turned this dusty shit place into a world-class resort. And maybe it's time that I could come home. I really miss you. I miss Vegas.

- (DISTORTED) You made a mess. Now clean it up. And Pam, [INAUDIBLE].

- I won't let you down.

- (DISTORTED, ON PHONE) And Alanna, darling?

- Yes, Daddy?

- (DISTORTED, ON PHONE) I know everything.

- Of course you do.

- (DISTORTED, ON PHONE) No mistakes. Bye, baby.

- Bye, Daddy. I love-- oh.