John Oliver Roasts Fox News Hosts For Questioning Why Julia Roberts Wasn’t At Train Derailment Site Like Erin Brockovich

John Oliver started off Last Week Tonight roasting Fox News for the second week in a row. The HBO Max host show started off by noting that Donald Trump and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg attended the train derailment in Ohio.

However, over on Fox News, Jesse Watters and Rachel Campos-Duffy asked why some personalities had not visited the site in East Palestine.

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“Think about the environmental activists and corporate America, they weren’t there,” Campos-Duffy said on Fox & Friends Weekend.

The Real World: San Francisco alum continued, “This is an Erin Brockovich moment. There was a blockbuster Oscar-winning movie written about something like this.”

Watters added that Brockovich was actually paying a visit to East Palestine with Campos-Duffy asking, “But where is Julia Roberts?”

Oliver’s reaction to the Fox News segment left him confused and asking what they were talking about before educating the television personalities on Roberts’s profession.

“You realize Julia Roberts is an actor, right? She was pretending, she’s not actually Erin Brockovich,” Oliver quipped.

He then added, “Also, I can’t believe I’m the one that has to break this to you… She didn’t actually ruin her best friend’s wedding (My Best Friend’s Wedding), she’s not a sex worker (Pretty Woman) and she did not die in a small Louisiana town in 1989 (Steel Magnolias). What the f*** is wrong with you?”

Oliver didn’t stop roasting conservative media personalities there. In the next segment, he showcased Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, and Stephen Bannon upset that James O’Keefe was ousted from Project Veritas, an activist group that targets democrats, liberals and the media.

Bannon called O’Keefe a national treasure but Oliver disagreed adding, “The only national treasures in this country are Dolly Parton, Pedro Pascal and Cocaine Bear. And I’ll say what we’re all thinking – threesome, when?”

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