John Oliver: 'Laura Ingraham is right' about Trump's relationship with Barr

Fox News host Laura Ingraham got a shout-out on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Sunday as Oliver actually agreed with her about the relationship between President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr. Last week, Trump praised Barr after the Department of Justice reduced the recommended sentence for Trump pal Roger Stone, causing four prosecutors to leave the case. Barr then said in an interview that he never spoke to Trump about the Stone case and that he doesn’t take orders from Trump concerning criminal cases. Barr even went so far as to admonish the president’s tweets, causing some in the media to speculate that there may be a rift between the two, but Ingraham and Oliver see things differently.

“While this was widely portrayed by the media as a rift between Trump and his AG,” Oliver said, “I have a sickening feeling that Laura Ingraham was one of the few people actually seeing things clearly.”

Oliver played a clip of Ingraham saying, “The media sees this sexy story of Trump vs. Barr, but they missed the fact that Barr was basically telling Trump, ‘Don’t worry, I got this.’” Oliver responded, “To borrow a phrase used almost exclusively by white supremacists, Laura Ingraham is right.”

Many in the media aren’t buying Barr’s insistence that he doesn’t take orders from Trump, including Oliver.

“Barr’s comments weren’t so much, ‘Don’t interfere with the Justice Department’ as they were, ‘Don’t publicly interfere with the Justice Department because I’m already doing what you want.’”

Barr furthered speculation that he’s doing Trump’s bidding on Friday when he ordered a review of the case against former Trump aide Michael Flynn, and Oliver went on to say that Republican Sen. Susan Collins (R-Me.) may have been right about Trump learning something from his impeachment trial.

“Trump did learn a lesson from his impeachment trial,” Oliver said, “specifically, ‘I can get away with anything because no one will hold me accountable.’”

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