John Oliver Laughs Off GOP Claim That Democrats Have ‘Satanic Agenda': ‘That Would Require Having an Agenda’ (Video)

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John Oliver used the top of his HBO show on Sunday night to tear through the America First Secretary of State Coalition and its entire platform. The “Last Week Tonight” host got a particular kick out of the idea that Democrats are operating on a “satanic agenda” — or even have a plan at all.

The America First Secretary of State Coalition is a conservative coalition created to support a specific slate of candidates in secretary of state elections nationwide. That specific slate is largely made up of people who believe the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump.

Among them is Kristina Karamo, who is running for secretary of state in Michigan, and who has made a slew of baseless claims about Democrats and the 2020 election. During one podcast appearance, she claimed that the Democratic party “has totally been taken over by a satanic agenda.”

“OK, obviously, Democrats don’t have a satanic agenda. Mainly because that would require having an agenda in the first place,” Oliver joked.

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The late night host then poked a little more fun at Karamo’s words, homing in on the time she called Michigan’s current secretary of state a “very evil, evil, evil woman.” You can watch the segment in the video here and above.

“For the record, Michigan’s current secretary of state Jocelyn Benson is not evil, evil, evil. In fact, just go to her Wikipedia page and look for the section entitled ‘Horrible Acts of Evil.’ It is just not there. Although, you will find that she has completed 23 full marathons since 2005. But that’s not evil, is it? It’s just annoying.”

Oliver also made some time to mock a few other members of the coalition, but in the end, he boiled it down for viewers.

“There are many, many others, which should frankly give everyone pause,” he said. “Because the January 6 committee is reminding everyone just how close we came to democracy basically collapsing. It was a handful of people in the right position, choosing to do the right thing that saved us from a constitutional crisis.”

He continued: “But there are multiple candidates running for consequential positions right now on the platform of basically ‘Let’s do the coup again, but better next time’. And if you’re not worried about that — if I may quote a man with the world’s most chaotic Zoom backdrop — ‘you’re out of your f—ing mind.'”

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