John Leguizamo Says George Santos Has ‘No Bottom’ After Stealing From Elderly: ‘Sees a Make-a-Wish Kid’ as ‘a Jackpot’ (Video)

John Leguizamo set his sights on Congressman George Santos for his first night guest hosting “The Daily Show” on Monday – and, after the latest reveal about Santos, the actor wondered if he has “no bottom.”

In case you missed it, here’s the latest Santos con that surfaced: On Friday, CNN reported that the congressman struck a deal with prosecutors in Brazil, settling a charge that he defrauded a clerk out of $1,300 in 2008. Apparently, Santos defrauded the person by writing a bad check, using a checkbook he stole from an elderly man that his mother was caring for at the time.

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On some level, Leguizamo was actually a little impressed by Santos this time.

“In a way, you have to respect Santos, though,” Leguizamo joked. “A lot of Republicans just want to end social security. But Santos has the balls to take an old man’s wallet directly from his pocket!”

Speaking more seriously, Leguizamo shamed Santos for the con, reminding the audience of previous schemes from the congressman that have come to light.

“He actually stole from an elderly man that his mother was caring for. And that’s on top of stealing from a homeless veteran’s dying dog. Is there no bottom?” Leguizamo said. “Is there nothing too low for this guy? George Santos sees a Make-a-Wish kid, and he sees, ‘Oh, that’s a jackpot.'”

You can watch the full segment from “The Daily Show” in the video above.

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