John Hinckley Jr., Who Shot Ronald Reagan, Keeps Having Concerts Postponed

  Ryan M. Kelly / AFP via Getty Images
Ryan M. Kelly / AFP via Getty Images
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The man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981 later became a singer and songwriter. But it turns out no one wants to hear him do either. Shocker.

Last year, the now-68-year-old released his debut album, appropriately titled Redemption—and, over the last couple of years, he’s tried to tour. However, according to the Hartford Courant, Hinckley's shows keep getting postponed.

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Hinckley was slated to perform at Hotel Huxley in Naugatuck, Connecticut on March 30, but, you guessed it, it's been postponed. That day is also the 43rd anniversary of the Reagan shooting. Hinckley revealed the status of the show on X, writing, “My concert in Connecticut has been postponed.”

Hinckley began writing music while in a psychiatric facility at Saint Elizabeths Hospital in Washington D.C. He was institutionalized from the early 1980s to 2016 when it was discovered that he suffered from acute psychosis. He was acquitted of the shooting by reason of insanity and was later given his full freedom in 2022.

"I know I'm known for an act of violence, but I'm a completely different person than in 1981," Hinckley told WTNH. "I stand for peace now."

He previously tried to play in Hamden, Connecticut in April 2022 but that show was canceled. The venue’s location was mere miles from where Hinckley stalked Jodie Foster at Yale University. Per the outlet, his fixation on Foster drove Hinckley to the assassination attempt on Reagan. Instead, a cop, Secret Service agent, and White House press secretary James Brady were injured in the shooting.

His sold-out Brooklyn show in 2022 was also canceled.

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