John Cena Shares One Regret He Has About His WWE Debut

john cena
Photo Credit: WWE
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John Cena has achieved almost everything there is to do in the world of professional wrestling. But what is the one thing the 16-time World Heavyweight Champion wishes he did differently?

John Cena was the special guest on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast. During the interview, the leader of the Cenation mentioned that his gimmick during the Ruthless Aggression Era was an epic failure as he was neither ruthless nor aggressive.

“Another huge failure [the Ruthless Aggression Era]. So, if I had to do it again right? The reason it didn’t work was because I wasn’t there for Vince’s [McMahon] Ruthless Aggression promo. And I was neither ruthless nor aggressive. So, I looked the same as everybody else. It was basically a debut. We [John Cena and Logan Paul] off-camera. And you expressed that now, you just want to show them what you got. You want to show them what you are capable of.

“And you can do such amazing things. But so can everyone else. What sets people apart is the ability to believe. So when I come out and I slap Kurt Angle in the face and say, ‘Ruthless Aggression’ everybody’s like, ‘Great!’ And then ten minutes into that match, one of the rowdiest buildings in the world, The Rosemont Horizon, everybody’s like this [mimics silent and bored face.] And that… I… It just wasn’t going to work.”

What is the one thing that John Cena wished he knew back then?

Cena also shared what he could have done differently to make things work.

“They filmed a little bit with The Undertaker afterwards, where he shook my hand. And I was in awe. Someone who’s aggressive and ruthless, would have kicked him in the nuts. So either I didn’t understand the opportunity I was being given. I can take those two words. And in those two words, ‘Tell me who you are in two words.’ Ruthlessly Aggressive. I know what that means. Do whatever it takes in an aggressive manner to get the objective done. Or you’re a 180 of that. You are the biggest pacifist and you are not ruthless. I could have said I’m ruthlessly aggressive and been the opposite.”

The 16-time WWE Champion also mentioned that he gives his heart all the time now and wished he new this was what he had to do to succeed back then.

“And I would have had a chance. I could have said I’m ruthlessly aggressive . Been that and had a chance. I said it and wrestled. Fail. Fail. And I mean, they set me up. I was with top-tier performers, pay-per-view matches. It just didn’t work. The audience didn’t connect because I didn’t give of myself to them. I wanted to show them my “Skill”. That’s all well and good but man when I go back, I don’t have much skill left. I just give them my whole complete heart and always have, and always will. And that’s why people show up man. They sit down to stand up and be excited, and be energized, and f***ing believe in something. And dude, you can feel it and I love that. I love it. I just wish that I had known that earlier,” John Cena said.

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