John Cena Has Drawn A ‘Line In The Sand’ About His In-Ring Retirement

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John Cena has drawn a firm line on his plans for retirement.

John Cena is widely known for being one of the major faces of the WWE organization. As he steadily nears the age of 50, though, Cena’s appearances in WWE have become less and less frequent, as he is primarily focused on projects outside of the wrestling realm. On a recent episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the 16-time world champion addressed his future in the wrestling business, circling the age of 50 as the marker for his retirement.

“50 is my absolute like line in the sand,” Cena said. “I would like to try to [retire] before that, but at 50, I’m just gonna tweet out, ‘Peace out! See you.’ I was very much driven, where WWE was my passion 24/7. And I’m very grateful, but I’ve grown and there’s a lot of other avenues I’m curious about in life. And certainly being a great husband and partner is one of those. I just wanna try to to do what I can in those [avenues].”

Cena’s most recent match took place at WWE’s 2023 Crown Jewel, in which he faced The Bloodline’s Solo Sikoa. Unfortunately for Cena, his experience advantage wasn’t enough to overcome the repeated jabs of Sikoa’s Samoan Spike.

Following his loss to Sikoa, Cena returned to Hollywood to resume his duties in the acting realm, which included a starring role in Ricky Stanicky.

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