John Amos’ Son Arrested For Alleged Threats Amid Elder Abuse Scandal

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The family drama between John Amos, his daughter Shannon Amos, and his son K.C. is making headlines yet again.

The 80-year-old actor first made headlines last month when his daughter Shannon created a GoFundMe for the actor, who has been affectionately known as “America’s Dad” for portraying James Evans Sr. on the CBS series “Good Times.” However, the actor insisted that he was not a victim of elder abuse as he claimed, denying her statements that he was fighting for his life in the ICU.

The GoFundMe has since been taken down and money has been returned to individuals that have contributed as law enforcement officials continue to investigate the matter. Things took a wild turn the other day, however, when K.C. was arrested for making alleged threats against his sister.

John Amos’ Family Drama Takes Another Turn Amid Elder Abuse Scandal


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John Amos with friends and family
Instagram | John Amos

John Amos’ son Kelly C. Amos, known as K.C., has been arrested for allegedly making threatening statements against his sister, Shannon Amos. In a complaint obtained by People magazine, the 52-year-old old was arrested on Saturday in West Orange, New Jersey. The court filing states that he was allegedly threatening to “kill Shannon Amos with the purpose to put her in imminent fear of death.”

The court documents reveal that Shannon believed he would go through with this threat. She believed “the immediacy of the threat and the likelihood that it would be carried out” after K.C. reportedly sent her text messages that contained photographs of firearms. She said that the messages caused her to “fear for her life.”

John Amos and daughter Shannon Amos
Instagram | John Amos

In addition to alleged text messages about gang affiliations, Shannon claims that K.C. sent her “terroristic threats.” She noted one example of him sending her a video that showed him shooting a handgun. The message that was attached to the video allegedly said, “gonna sleep much better tonight big sis.”

He also reportedly sent her a photo of a rifle that was captioned "that big one can clean a turkey out from 3 football fields away,” which led her to call in the authorities, as she “fears that he may carry out threats from messages sent through text and is in fear for her life.”

In the court filing, Shannon alleges that her brother has bipolar disorder and is making these threats because he believes that she had first hired someone to kill him and is retaliating because he fears for his own life.

Shannon Amos Speaks Out Following K.C.’s Arrest

John Amos and daughter Shannon Amos
Instagram | John Amos

In a statement made to Parade on July 19, John Amos’ daughter remained focused on her father and not her brother’s recent arrest. “My family and I continue to advocate and fight for the proper care of my father.”

She added, "Despite false accusations and defamatory statements being made against me, I remain committed to ensuring that he receives the best medical care. John Amos may be known as ‘America's Dad’, but for me, he is my father.”

However, in a video posted on K.C.’s Instagram page, John Amos alleges that his daughter is the “primary suspect” in the elder abuse claims, making it difficult for fans to know who to believe.

John Amos with friends and family
Instagram | John Amos

"I'm an 83-year-old man. And I have two children. My son is here with me in the hospital in Memphis, he's at my bedside. And I'm not in the hospital as a result of anything that happened recently,” John says in the video. “Other than the fact that, about a month ago, I was hospitalized because I was suffering from water retention and a couple of other issues, all of which had been corrected, or at least addressed."

He went on to say that his “main issues” were with Shannon, adding, "who I feel has taken advantage of me and she would be the primary suspect if you would." The actor went on to say, “She's the one that I would attribute my elderly abuse to."

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation Is Investigating Elder Abuse Claims

John Amos and daughter Shannon Amos
Instagram | Shannon Amos

Last month, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation sent out a press release on behalf of the Custer County Sheriff’s Office to announce that they were investigating John Amos and his family amid allegations of elder abuse.

“The men and women of the Custer County Colorado Sheriff’s Office want to extend our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for Mr. John Amos,” the press release reads. “His publicist has released information that he is currently a patient at a hospital in Tennessee. Mr. Amos has been a beloved member of our community for many years. He has also been an ardent supporter of our community and this sheriff’s office.”

John Amos with friends and family
Instagram | John Amos

“We take allegations of crimes very seriously. We can confirm that an allegation was made to the Custer County Sheriff’s Office that Mr. Amos could be a victim of a crime,” the release continued, putting “could be” in bold font. “We are thoroughly investigating that allegation and have consulted with our partners at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and Department of Human Services. We have also been in contact with Mr. Amos and his attorney.”

“As with any potential criminal investigation we are unable to provide any additional comment on the case or the investigation,” the release added. “We have received questions from media outlets across the country and this will serve as our statement until we are in a position to release additional information.”