John Amos’ Family Tries To Raise $500K To Help Him After Alleged Elder Abuse

John Amos’ Family Tries To Raise $500K To Help Him After Alleged Elder Abuse

Actor John Amos is best known for his roles in the miniseries “Roots” and for portraying James Evans Sr. on the CBS series “Good Times.”

Although he was fired from the show after clashing with writers, Amos is still affectionately known to fans as “America’s Dad."

His daughter, Shannon Amos, and several other family members have set up a GoFundMe page to help the actor after they say that he was a victim of elder abuse.

John Amos' Family Tries To Raise $500,000 To Help 'America's Dad' After Alleged Elder Abuse


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The family of actor John Amos has created a GoFundMe page to try to help the actor after they allege that he was a victim of elder abuse. His daughter, Shannon, shared a video that the two had made for TikTok last November. She called it "a cherished moment forever etched in my heart."

Unfortunately, just last month, on May 14, Shannon said that their lives took a "devastating turn" when she received a "distressing" call from Amos after he had been hospitalized in Memphis, Tennessee.

Although she was out of the country, she called a family friend to fly to Memphis while she made preparations to visit her father in person. Her friend discovered that not only was Amos in the hospital, but he was "fighting for his life in the ICU."

John Amos and daughter Shannon Amos
Instagram | John Amos

"During the following weeks, my family and I unraveled a horrifying truth—my dad had fallen victim to elder abuse and financial exploitation," she wrote. "Determined to seek justice, we are working closely with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and the local Sheriff's Department in my father's home state."

Shannon says the family decided to open the GoFundMe to finance the "legal assistance" they now require so that the alleged perpetrators can "face the full weight of the law." They are also looking to care for Amos' medical needs. It is unclear where Amos is staying now, as Shannon says that "his home had been violated, stripped of anything valuable."

Hoping onto hope that "justice will prevail," Shannon assured fans that "Every penny raised will be entrusted to a special fund for my father, dedicated solely to his care, legal fees, and aftercare." They say that the funds will be used to cover his "legal expenses, long-term care, ongoing medical treatment, and the costs associated with his recent hospitalization in another state away from home."

John Amos with friends and family
Instagram | John Amos

"The combination of his current hospitalization, unstable housing situation, and health challenges indicates a daunting road to recovery ahead. Additionally, family members are required to travel and stay near the hospital to ensure his well-being," Shannon wrote. "Your support is crucial in helping us provide the necessary care and support for John during this challenging time."

Although the GoFundMe does not name names as law enforcement officials investigate the alleged elder abuse, Shannon writes in her plea that the alleged abuse was "perpetrated by a trusted caregiver." She wrote, "This betrayal has devastated us, and we are resolute in continuing a thorough investigation."

She also notes that the actor will require "extensive medical care and rehabilitation," although the GoFundMe page does not disclose the severity of his injuries. However, she assured fans that any amount donated will help to cover the 83-year-old actor's medical expenses, as well as "provide the support and assistance John may require in the coming years."

Fans Are Happy To Support ‘America’s Dad’ In His Recovery

John Amos with friends and family
Instagram | John Amos

Although the family is still short of their $500,000 goal at the time of this writing, many fans from around the world have been pulling out their wallets to help support the actor.

“I have loved this man since I was a small child. I’ve followed his life on social media and took every chance to give him flowers and express our admiration and appreciation for his gifts,” one fan commented. “Praying for a healthy and total recovery. Just a small token of love…”

John Amos with friends and family
Instagram | John Amos

“I love John Amos he was the true definition of what a dad should be. He brought laughter to many homes including mine. I’ve watched every show/movie that he starred in,” another follower shared. “It hurts my heart that he’s going through this. I immediately said a prayer for him.”

Another user who contributed $500 to the GoFundMe wrote, “Mr. Amos brought joy and laughter to my family when I was growing up. The roles he chose and the characters he played provided us with a sense of representation at a time when black actors were few and far between. He is a trailblazer and every time I see his face and his smile, he takes me back to the Good Times in my youth. I hope that this donation can inspire others to give and I'm sending all the best wishes and energy to John and his family.”

Read On For A New Update!

Shannon Amos speaks out about the GoFundMe
Instagram | Shannon Amos

UPDATE: John Amos accused his daughter of lying and said he is not a victim of elder abuse. However, Shannon fired back minutes later, claiming that he is a victim and there is "another side" to the story. Fans can see her video and get the latest updates on this breaking story by clicking here.