Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson Share Their Biggest Icks About Each Other: 'It Wasn't a Good Look for Me'

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One meal is etched in Kelsey Anderson's mind after her engagement to the former Bachelor Joey Graziadei

<p>Disney/John Fleenor</p> Kelsey and Joey at The Bachelor Finale.

Disney/John Fleenor

Kelsey and Joey at The Bachelor Finale.

Bachelor winner Kelsey Anderson has one specific turnoff when spending time with fiancé Joey Graziadei.

Speaking about "icks" with PEOPLE at the Hulu on Disney+ launch, Anderson shared that Italian food hasn’t always painted Graziadei in the best light. “I think I said this before, but maybe him eating pasta,” Anderson, 25, tells PEOPLE.

Graziadei, 28, was in the loop on this apparent ick and supported his new fiancée’s right to find his eating habits unsettling. “Yeah, apparently we were on a date and I didn’t do it right. I still blame the pasta. It was like, all clumped up, and it wasn’t a good look for me,” he says.

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<p>John Fleenor/Disney</p> Kelsey and Joey during The Bachelor finale.

John Fleenor/Disney

Kelsey and Joey during The Bachelor finale.

Addressing the matter from his perspective, Graziadei couldn’t name one thing that qualifies as an “ick” for Anderson.

“She doesn’t have any 'icks' in my eyes. She’s perfect,” he says. “I’m gonna hold on to that one. She can bring up the the pasta, but she’s perfect in my eyes.”

Graziadei and Anderson ended season 28 of The Bachelor engaged, which premiered in late March. Eagle-eyed fans speculated pre-finale that Graziadei and Anderson ended up together when they posted social media content from what appeared to be the same home.

“I was in front of a white wall. She went outside," the former Bachelor told Entertainment Weekly. "We are shocked that they put two and two together."

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Months after filming, the couple are going strong. They’re thinking about next steps — including family planning. “We definitely want kids," Graziadei said on The Viall Files podcast, hosted by former Bachelor Nick Viall. "One of the really special things — I don't even know if it ever made it on the show — was that Kelsey always wanted to adopt."

They’ve already picked their first child’s name — Anderson after Kelsey’s last name. "Anderson's her last name, soon-to-obviously-be her maiden name, and we kind of love it most for a girl and calling her 'Andi' with an I,” said Graziadei.

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