Joe Pesci Doesn’t Think Louis C.K. Is Funny

On Thursday’s Conan, Louis C.K. shared his attempt at casting Joe Pesci in his show Horace and Pete. After the mysterious process of getting Pesci’s phone number, he left a message for the Goodfellas actor.

The comedian said Pesci called him back and immediately said he was not going to be in his show. The letdown didn’t end there. Louis C.K. recounted the conversation. “He said, ‘The first thing I saw was some stand-up. I’ll tell you right now, quit that because you’re no good at that.’ He said, ‘I can tell it’s something you’re trying out. It’s not for you.’”

The insults kept coming. Pesci didn’t want to read the script for fear of hurting the feelings of Louis C.K., who went on, “I said, ‘I’ve been a comedian for 30 years; you can’t hurt my feelings.’ He said, ‘You’re not so much of a comedian as you think you are, pal.’”

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