Joe Biden's Philadelphia sports fans comment is truly perfect

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Biden's assessment of Philly sports fans is too perfect originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

President Joe Biden likes to make sure everyone remembers he's from Pennsylvania, and that his wife Jill is from Philadelphia. It's one of his calling cards.

So when Biden was out in Washington D.C. on Wednesday picking up lunch at Las Gemelas in the nation's capital and he happened to run into a young woman from Fishtown? Of course he had to take a second to chat - and to riff on the city's sports fans.

Biden talked about his memories of Fishtown, calling it a "neat place", and then turned to Philly sports fans for a second:

"Philadelphia's fans are the most informed, most obnoxious fans in the world. They know everything. You know what I mean? So I never disagree with my wife."

You can watch the whole interaction below:

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I've got to be honest, I don't like painting with broad brushes but Biden's assessment of the overarching Philly sports fanbase is pretty solid. 

On the whole, Philly sports fans are extremely informed if only because it's basically a way of life here. When you spend every day living and breathing the four sports, you're more likely to come away informed. 

And... yes, the city's fans are also the most obnoxious. It's what we do, and we're not sorry about it. Whether it's ragging on Giants players for whining about Week 17, or getting into a war of words with Jazz fans over their fake-good basketball team, if Philly doesn't like you, you're going to find out.

Are there exceptions to these rules? Maybe. But in the grand scheme, "the most informed, most obnoxious fans in the world" is a pretty good moniker to have.

We'll take it, Joe.