Joe Biden trolls Mike Pence after a fly lands on the vice president’s head at VP debate

The biggest buzz coming out of the vice presidential debate Wednesday night was caused by a wayward fly that landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head about an hour into the event. The remarkable bit wasn’t that the fly alit on Pence’s head, but how long it stayed there. With Pence seemingly unaware of the fly’s presence as he and Sen. Kamala Harris went back and forth about police violence and racism in the United States, the fly remained on Pence’s head, clocking in a two-minute-plus pit stop before it had heard enough and flew away.

Naturally, Twitter was quick to pick up on the uninvited guest, and The Fly and #flygate began trending.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden trolled Pence and used the situation as a fundraising opportunity.

And even the pundits agreed that the fly may have been the most interesting thing to happen at the debate.

“There were times during the debate that I thought the most effective being on that stage to go after Vice President Mike Pence was that fly that landed on his head,” CNN’s Jake Tapper said. “Arguably one of the most interesting things to happen today,” Abby Phillip responded with a laugh.

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