Joe Biden Says “We’re Going To Win This Race,” Acknowledges “Numbing” Wait For Vote Count

Ted Johnson and Dominic Patten
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Joe Biden said in remarks late tonight that they would win the presidential race, as he ran through the list of four states where he and running mate Kamala Harris are leading in the vote count.

“We don’t have a final declaration of victory yet, but the numbers tell a clear and convincing story: We are going to win this race,” he said.

But he acknowledged the obvious: No network has yet called the presidential contest, even though his supporters are getting antsy as the signs point in his direction.

“I know watching these vote tallies on TV move very slow, and as slow as it goes it can be numbing,” he said in brief remarks of about nine minutes. “But never forget, the tallies aren’t just numbers. They represent votes and voters, men and women who exercise their fundamental right to be heard.”

Biden appeared in Wilmington, DE with Harris, who, if they win, would become the first female VP.

His remarks were a status update with a look forward to a Biden presidency, not the victory speech it appeared the campaign was planning earlier in the day. By the early evening, it became clear that there would be no call of the election as the vote count dragged on in states where he is ahead — Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia.

Biden spent a part of speech echoing some of his campaign themes, first and foremost to heal political divisions.

“The work of the nation isn’t t fan the flames of conflict in order to solve problems, to guarantee justice, to give everybody a fair shot to improve the lives of our people,” he said. “We may be opponents, but we are not enemies.”

Biden said that in the meantime, he and Harris met with experts on public health and the economic crisis.

“The pandemic is getting significantly more worrisome all across the country,” he said. “Daily cases are skyrocketing, and it is now believed that we could see spikes as high as 200,000 cases in a single day. The death toll is approaching 240,000 lives lost to this virus. That’s 240,000 empty chairs at the kitchen and dinner tables across America.”

Some of Biden’s supporters have gone on social media to express their frustration that the networks have not yet called the race, with some arguing that outlets are holding out so as to not inflame Donald Trump until a larger share of the vote is in. Others have said that the networks would have called some of the states by know in past cycles.

As more began to question the wait, frustrated at another long day of watching the vote count, NBC News released a quote from John Lapinski of its Decision Desk.

“This particular year, there are just so many curveballs that have been thrown our way that we really are taking a little bit more time to make sure that we understand exactly what we’re seeing an analyzing it,” Lapinski said.

In other words, be patient.

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