Joe Alwyn Is STILL Trending Amid Taylor’s Swift’s New Rumored Romance

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While Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are sparking rumors of a romantic relationship, actor Joe Alwyn continues to trend.

The "Delicate" singer started dating the "Conversations With Friends" actor around her "Reputation" era and ended their relationship a few months after she released her tenth studio album, "Midnights." The former couple dated for about six years; fans still suspect that they met at the Met Gala with his buzz cut and her hair bleached, as the "Dress" lyrics go.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn


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Although they isolated together during the COVID-19 pandemic and collaborated on songs that later wound up on "folklore" and "evermore," the two had a quiet split earlier this year, shortly before the "Anti-Hero" singer embarked on her highly profitable Eras Tour.

While the "Stars At Noon" actor has stayed out of the spotlight, the "Lavender Haze" singer enjoyed a brief public fling with The 1975 frontman Matty Healy before going on to spark a new relationship with football tight end Travis Kelce.

As their "seemingly ranch" relationship turns spicy, Joe Alwyn continues to trend on X, formerly known as Twitter, as some fans want to see them get back together for a surprising reason!

Find Out Why Some Swifties Want To See Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Back Together!

If Taylor Swift really is going to start dating the Kansas City Chiefs’ viral star, it means that Swifties might have to start getting into football… and not everyone is behind it.

One Swiftie shared a screenshot of a comment from a Joe Alwyn TikTok that read, “Come back, we don’t understand football.” Fans were quick to express their agreement, with one fan writing, “I can relate” and “Got to be real.”

“For real, I know nothing about football and this Kelce is bland and uninteresting, whereas Joe just had that something,” another netizen chimed in; however, not everyone was in agreement.

“Joe had what?” one user asked. “Joe was like watching paint dry,” another follower commented. “Joe was literally the definition of bland and boring, add a dash of pretentiousness and you've got him,” another user shared.

Has Joe Really Been Trending For THAT Long?

To show how long Joe Alwyn has been trending, another user commented on how long he had been trending for three days ago, on September 25. They tweeted, "Joe Alwyn is still trending, the hate he has received in almost 24 hours is insane, pathetic, and unfair. I said it before and I'll say it again. We should all be thanking him. He stood by Taylor at her worst, when the world hated her... it won't kill anyone to leave the man alone."

“People don't need to like or hate him, just leave him alone. Their relationship ended and it's very weird for people to keep reminding them Could you imagine treating someone like that in RL, it would be very strange. We all need to just let it go,” another user agreed.

“So real. He has always been there for Taylor at her worst and stayed by her side. It’s crazy to see how much hate he received while people on the internet didn’t even know the reason they broke up. Leave him alone and let them both be happy in their own way,” another fan chimed in.

Joe Alwyn Inspired Some Of Taylor's Best Songs!

Another user put together a list of some of the best songs that Taylor reportedly wrote about Joe Alwyn, including “I Think He Knows,” “Cornelia Street,” “New Year’s Day,” “Invisible String,” and “King Of My Heart.”

“Without him, there’s no album called Lover,” another fan reminded everyone in the comments. “Call It What You Want is and will always be my favorite song. I’m glad he showed Taylor that real love exists even when the world seems like it’s against you,” another follower shared.

“Joe was the 'perfect' guy for Taylor at a time in her life when she 'needed' what he had to offer her in a relationship. People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. For Joe & Taylor, it was for a very definite reason, IMO. I have nothing but respect/love for Joe,” another fan chimed in.

Swifties Just Want Everyone To Move On!

In another tweet, a fan reminded users not to compare Taylor's relationships, writing, "Joe Alwyn saw 'best of her even in her worst of times' & dated during the era when Taylor was globally being slandered; Travis is apparently dating her during her bejeweled era. These two men AREN'T the same. Joe doesn't deserve to be slandered by her nasty fans. Leave him alone."

“Reputation has songs for Joe too! It’s normal for two people to fall out of love and whatever reason it is, it’s not everyone’s business to speculate on the reason for the break-up,” another fan agreed. “People need to stop bringing up Joe entirely at this point. Let them move on,” another follower chimed in.

“Joe and Taylor are the ONLY exes who don’t deserve any hate whatsoever. Joe was exactly who she needed when she needed him. They grew apart or something, whatever. But when she needed to feel loved, he gave her that. That’s why we have some of the most beautiful love songs now,” another fan shared.

Although it's unclear why Taylor and Joe's relationship came to an end, at least fans still have a lot of great music inspired by their relationship to look back on!