Jodie Sweetin Weighs In on If She'll Steal Candace Cameron Bure’s Christmas Movie Crown

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Jodie Sweetin Weighs In on If She'll Steal Candace Cameron Bure’s Christmas Movie Crown

No sibling rivalry here: Jodie Sweetin and Candace Cameron Bure will both sleigh the holiday season.

As Jodie exclusively told E! News at the Cool Comedy, Hot Cuisine benefit on Sept. 21, viewers can look forward to seeing her star in several feel-good movies this upcoming holiday season. According to the TV star, one of these include "Mary Swiss Miss, which is going to be on Lifetime, and coming out at the beginning of November." But if you're wondering about whether the actress is coming for her Full House on-screen sister's crown as the star of Christmas movies—not to worry, it's all tidings of comfort and joy.

"She's got GAC [Great American Country Media] and there's plenty of work to go around," Jodie, said referring to Candace. "There are so many there's so many damn Christmas movies. I don't think we're going to run out of them anytime soon."

As the actress explained during the event in Beverly Hills—which benefitted the Scleroderma Research Foundation as a tribute to their late co-star Bob Saget—it also doesn't hurt since Candace made the switch from her home at Hallmark to GAC Family earlier this year.

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"I mean, we're not working with the same company now," Jodie added. "So that does make it a little easier."

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Coincidentally the benefit held in honor of the comedian, who passed in January, also fell on the night before the 35th anniversary of Full House's debut—and like loyal fans, Jodie simply can't believe it.

"Somebody reminded me that it's the 35th anniversary and all it did was make me feel really, really old because something I was involved in has a 35th anniversary," she shared. "I never would have thought in a million years, that something that I started doing when I was barely five years old would affect the rest of my life. So, it's been it's been a real gift and I can't believe it's been 35 years."

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And despite the amount of time that's passed, for Jodie (and all of us), it's easy to note why the show's legacy continues to live on.

"I think everyone saw on Full House that how we felt about each other was genuinely real," she said. "And the reason we still are so close today is because we were that close then and I think there was something about watching us on TV that people felt that they understood that, and they knew that that warmth and that love was genuine."

"I think it really resonated with people and I think it showed you know families don't have to look like mom, dad and 2.5 kids it's you know, it's a mix," Jodie added. "And that I think was really important to a lot of kids growing up before we even realized."

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