Jodie Foster on Why She Didn’t Tell Her Kids She Was an Actress When They Were Younger

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Jodie Foster revealed that her children thought she worked in construction when they were young because she didn’t tell them she was an actress.

The Oscar winner made an appearance on The View Friday and opened up about her parenting style and why she didn’t initially share her career with her little ones when they were growing up.

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“I don’t know why, I guess I just didn’t want them to know me that way,” Foster said. “I wanted them to know me as their mom and the person who went away to work and stuff. I just didn’t want them to be confused about what I did for a living.”

The Nyad star proceeded to recall what her older son, Charles Bernard, 25, thought she did when she went to a filming set each day.

“I brought my oldest son, he was probably about 3 — well, he was 3, because I was pregnant with the other one — I brought him to set one day, and I bought him a little plastic tool belt and stuff,” she explained. “And I was like, ‘Yeah, and this is this set and this set and this set.’ And for a really long time, he thought I was a construction worker. He thought I did construction.”

Now that Charles and her younger son, Christopher “Kit” Bernard, 22, are all grown up, Foster was asked if she has watched any of her movies with them.

“They have no interest in watching my movies with me. I think they’re going to catch True Detective, ’cause they’re really into that,” she said of her latest HBO TV series.

“There’s a few films that I would never show them because I would be worried about being teased,” she added. “Nell, for example, they’ve never seen because they do tease me often about that, even though they’ve never seen the movie.”

Foster shares her two sons with her former partner, Cydney Bernard. They split in 2008, and the actress later married Alexandra Hedison in 2014.

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