Joanna Gaines Says She'll Get a Tattoo of the Number 16 in Honor of Husband Chip When He Dies

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Joanna Gaines knows exactly how she'll memorialize her husband Chip when he's gone.

The mom of five recently opened up about her idea for a tattoo in her husband's honor in Breaking New Ground: Expanding the Silos, a new 45-minute special documenting the expansion of the HGTV alums' shopping and dining destination in their hometown of Waco, Texas.

While touring one of the new stores, dubbed No. 16 and filled with her husband's favorite things, Joanna explains, "We decided to name Chip's shop No. 16. It's his favorite number. Anything we get of his now — his undies, his white tee shirts — we put No. 16 in it. It's a thing."

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Magnolia Network

Not only is 16 Chip's special number, Joanna says, it's also become "a family number" — all their kids use it on their sports jerseys.

"You've even inherited it a little bit," Chip says to his wife, and she nods her agreement.

"I always say, when he dies, I'll go 'one, six' right there," she says, outlining the numerals on the inside of her wrist, indicating the placement of her proposed ink.

She also throws out a second tattoo idea, "a squirrel," but doesn't elaborate on if the animal has any symbolic ties to Chip.

Neither Chip nor Joanna currently has any tattoos that they have shared publicly. Chip replied to a tweet asking if he sported any ink in 2017, writing "not yet."

The special, streaming now on Discovery+, follows the couple from fall 2019, when they first dreamed up the Silos expansion, to its opening in October 2020, showing off new features including the Magnolia Press coffee shop, a furniture showroom, a Wiffle ball field, a historic church that the couple relocated to the site, and a miniature village of six new themed shops carrying everything from leather goods to women's clothing to children's toys.

Magnolia Network

Magnolia Network

The No. 16 shop sells everything from pennants to ball caps to baseballs. When showing off the store in the special, the couple walks through the small, wood-lined space picking up some of the items, and Joanna tells her husband, "Babe, it's so you."

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Breaking New Ground: Expanding the Silos began streaming on Discovery+ on Friday, February 26, helping tide fans over until the launch of the Magnolia Network app on July 15.

Since they first revealed that they would be returning to TV with their own network in November 2018, seven months after Fixer Upper aired its bittersweet finale on HGTV, the renovation stars have been hard at work developing a full slate of new original series.

Magnolia Network was originally intended to premiere in October 2020, but due to significant production delays caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the launch was pushed to "early 2021" and then January 2022.

Magnolia Network

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In the meantime, Magnolia Network's parent company Discovery Inc. announced in February that they will first debut a Magnolia app on July 15, 2021. The app will include access to the first full seasons of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home and Joanna's cooking show Magnolia Kitchen, as well as the full Fixer Upper archive, and several of their new shows, including Growing Floret, The Lost Kitchen, Homegrown, Family Dinner and Restoration Road with Clint Harp.

Discovery+ is currently airing previews of several of the new Magnolia shows, including the first four episodes of Welcome Home and Magnolia Kitchen, and single episodes of many others.