Joan Vassos Is the Perfect Choice for Golden Bachelorette, Here’s Why

Photo Credit: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth
Photo Credit: ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

After a lot of anticipation, Joan Vassos has officially been announced as the first Golden Bachelorette. Joan was a contestant on The Golden Bachelor, where she ultimately self-eliminated. While there were a number of good candidates for the Golden Bachelorette, Joan is arguably the best choice for the role. During her short time on The Golden Bachelor, Joan showcased many amazing qualities that made viewers adore her.

Joan deserves another chance at love after leaving The Golden Bachelor early

Joan was a standout contestant from the minute she arrived. Leading man Gerry Turner took an interest in Joan from the jump, and the two hit it off. Gerry was so intrigued with Joan, that he even climbed up into her bunk bed to chat with her. He was dedicated!

Unfortunately, Joan’s path on The Golden Bachelor had other plans. Early on, Joan opened up about her daughter who was struggling with postpartum depression after giving birth. This took a toll on Joan, and made her feel guilty for leaving her daughter to film. Ultimately, Joan decided that she had to self-eliminate and go home to be there for her daughter. While Gerry was heartbroken at first, he understood and praised Joan for her decision.

At the end of the day, everything happens for a reason. Joan’s self elimination from The Golden Bachelor was just a stepping stone to her becoming The Golden Bachelorette instead. After putting her family first, it’s time for Joan to get another chance at golden love. Joan is incredibly deserving of this role, and we can’t wait to watch her shine in it!

Joan is ready for love

With any Bachelor Nation show, it is crucial that the lead be ready for love. In Joan’s case, that doesn’t seem to be a problem at all. While Joan left The Golden Bachelor during Week 3, it was evident from her short time there that she was open to love. Joan genuinely pursued a connection with Gerry, which could’ve blossomed into more if she stayed.

Joan also has experience when it comes to love, as she was married for 32 years. In 2021, Joan tragically lost her husband after his battle with pancreatic cancer. After such a successful love story with her first husband, Joan surely knows what it takes to make a relationship work. The men this season are lucky to have a lead as incredible as Joan, who is ready to find love again.

Joan is a family woman

One of Joan’s best qualities is the unconditional love she has for her family, which the right man will notice. Joan has four kids and two grandsons, making her an amazing mother and grandmother.

When Joan left The Golden Bachelor to return home for her daughter, it said a lot about her character. It’s clear that Joan would do anything for the people she loves, which is a great trait to find in a partner. Joan’s men are a lucky group of guys, who will hopefully appreciate the amazing woman they were given a chance at love with.

Joan was mature & compassionate on The Golden Bachelor

One of the many reasons Joan was so likable on The Golden Bachelor was because of her kindness. Joan got along well with the rest of the women in the house, and was always a shoulder to cry on. Furthermore, Joan never got involved in the drama, which is always refreshing. It’s clear Joan is there for the right reasons, which is always important when it comes to a new lead.

While Gerry did his best on The Golden Bachelor, it seems like Joan has a better chance of success. Gerry didn’t take long to get caught up in the drama, and there were some questions about his intentions at times. Joan, on the other hand, never went out of her way to worry about gossip.

Joan is a mature and independent woman, who is the perfect candidate for The Golden Bachelorette. After leaving The Golden Bachelor early, this is the second chance at love that Joan deserves. Hopefully Joan is able to find her perfect match, who will be a great husband to her in her golden years.


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