JLo Wore Nothing But A Pair Of Shoes To Launch Her Brand New Collection

 Jennifer Lopez looking stunning in Marry Me.
Jennifer Lopez looking stunning in Marry Me.

Jennifer Lopez has been a celebrity for decades, and her star power has shown no signs of dimming. She remains busy with her career as a pop star, actress, producer and entrepreneur. The latter comes in to play thanks to her cosmetics line JLo Beauty, as well as her recent collaboration with the shoe brand Revolve. And JLo wore nothing but a pair of shoes to launch her brand new collection.

One of the things that Jennifer Lopez is known for is being a seemingly ageless icon, looking truly outstanding at the age of 53. She's all too happy to showcase her ripped physique in projects like Hustlers, or when promoting her new collection with Revolve. Check it out below, courtesy of her Instagram page.

That's one way to make an impression. This image is definitely a striking one, and allows the Jennifer Lopez's shoes (especially the long gladiator strap) to take center stage. While she's not wearing anything else, JLo's more sensitive areas are covered with some massive pigtails that would put Sailor Moon to shame. I have to wonder how heavy that hair was during this photo shoot.

Of course, the shoe in the image above isn't the only shoe available in Jennifer Lopez's collection with Revolve. She's been doing a ton of promotion for that line lately, including wearing the shoes themselves to various events. Case in point: another image from JLo's Instagram which shows her in full glam and in some Revolve shoes. Check it out below:

If Jennifer Lopez is wearing the shoes herself, that seems to speak highly about the collection that's currently available at Revolve. Add in the nude image, and smart money says that the line is getting a ton of attention from the public. After all, JLo has a whopping 238 million followers on Instagram.

This shoe line and the bold marketing campaign are just one reason why Jennifer Lopez has been making headlines lately. Ever since their reunion and the birth of Bennifer 2.0, fans have been super invested in Lopez's relationship with Ben Affleck. The two got married and have been blending families, but are having a hard time finding their forever home. We'll just have to see if they step out to any more public events like the Grammys, where Affleck went viral for looking tired.

Of course, Jennifer Lopez is also keeping busy professionally. She recently celebrated the release of Shotgun Wedding on Amazon, and has a number of exciting projects coming down the line. That includes her deal with Netflix for more content, and the upcoming movie The Mother. JLo and Affleck are also working on a movie together, the developing biopic Unstoppable. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.