Jimmy Kimmel Set To Interview Mike Lindell -- With 1 Absolutely Bizarre Condition

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Jimmy Kimmel said Mike Lindell is returning to his show on Tuesday night for an interview ― and the MyPillow boss/conspiracy theorist has agreed to one pretty wild condition: He will be placed inside a claw machine.

“I don’t mind getting inside the claw game,” Lindell said on his own streaming service earlier in the day.

But he had a condition of his own: that the machine isn’t filled with any “evil” objects.

“I promise, Mike, I promise we won’t put evil things in the claw machine,” Kimmel vowed on Monday, then joked there might be “one satanic Rottweiler.”

“This is how we begin our 21st year,” Kimmel said. “I finally found my purpose.”

Lindell appeared on Kimmel’s show in April 2021, when the late-night host said he was worried about the ex-drug addict and his increasingly unhinged beliefs.

“I feel like you are maybe self-destructive,” Kimmel told him. “You have lost everything, repeatedly, so many times in your life... I feel like you’re going to be out dressed as Spider-Man on Hollywood Boulevard at the end of this whole thing.”

Kimmel has done regular segments with comic James Adomian, who does a spot-on Lindell impression. Adomian, dressed as Lindell, interrupted that last appearance to claim he was the real MyPillow guy.

Check that out below: