Jimmy Kimmel Has 1 Burning Prison Question For 'Weird Man' Trump

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Jimmy Kimmel is baffled by a report that Donald Trump is in “high spirits” ahead of his potential indictment this week.

The New York Post’s Page Six says Trump’s team is hoping to capitalize on the moment by filming his arrest and releasing a mug shot, and that Trump himself is “reveling” in the moment.

“What a weird man,” Kimmel said. “Here’s a question: If Trump goes to prison, does the Secret Service go with him? It sounds like the premise for like a Mark Wahlberg-Kevin Hart movie, right? ‘Jail to the Chief.’”

Kimmel also had some observations on how Trump’s biggest supporters are taking the news, including one of the ex-president’s own sons, in his Tuesday night monologue:

The answer to Kimmel’s question is not entirely clear, as a former president going into prison is uncharted waters.

However, HuffPost’s S.V. Date reported in 2021 that’s it’s likely Trump would maintain his protection while in prison, if that situation should ever arise.