Jimmy Fallon's gift-exchange fail with Demi Lovato

Before Demi Lovato came out to celebrate her 10th appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host showed off a personalized sweatshirt she once gave him during an early appearance. He described Lovato as his “BFF.”

And as luck would have it, Lovato’s interview kicked off with another gift exchange. Fallon received a new sweatshirt reaffirming their BFF status. The cozy gift was personalized with pictures of the pair and a whole lot of exclamation points. But it was Fallon’s gift that may have won in the personal touch category.

“I’m really into making my own pickles. And this is the truth,” Fallon admitted to Lovato, who happens to love pickles. “I went to a farm. I got fresh Kirby cucumbers. I really went for it. I made a brine.”

Fallon also supplied a brief video montage of all the ingredients and supplies he used for the project as further proof of his effort.

It was right about this point in the interview when the host got himself into a bit of a … jam. After Fallon proudly declared that his homemade, vacuum-sealed, personally-labeled-for-Lovato pickles were indeed “spicy pickles,” her reaction immediately implied that she’s not into spicy pickles.

Lovato tried to cover and claim that she likes spicy food, but the damage was done. All that was left of this gift-exchange fail was an attempted rebound joke.

“This is my love pickle for you,” Fallon said, sliding her the jar in defeat. “No. No pickles.”

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