Jimmy Fallon Recaps March’s Biggest News in a Song, From ‘Oppenheimer’ to Beyoncé | Video

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Jimmy Fallon tapped into his roots as a singer Friday night when he treated “The Tonight Show” viewers to a song that explained more or less every major news story from the month of March. The song included references to a potential TikTok ban, Trump’s massive debt to the state of New York, the release of Beyoncé’s latest album “Cowboy Carter” and even Al Pacino’s strange Best Picture announcement for “Oppenheimer.”

“March, it’s time to say goodbye, Spring is here, time really flies,” Fallon began. “Winter, you were kind of rough for me, we say,” he continued before the screen cut to a video of Sen. Katie Britt — who delivered the much-maligned Republican response to President Biden’s State of the Union — saying, “Enough is enough.”

With the format of the song clear, Fallon continued on. “Biggest question in the land, will there be a TikTok ban? Congress wants to see it go, but they still call it,” he dropped off as Nancy Pelosi was shown saying, “Tic-tac-toe. A winner.”

“Biden gave his big address, Democrats were real impressed, but the best thing caught on screen was when he saw Marjorie Taylor Greene,” Fallon went on but the screen cut to a clip of a surprised (and possibly repulsed) President Biden.

“Donald Trump’s in major debt, no he hasn’t paid it yet. You can tell he wants to stall until he wins the —” Fallon sang before a commercial added, “Powerball.”

Fallon would have been remiss not to mention “Cowboy Carter,” the highly anticipated new record from Beyoncé. “We’re all loving Beyoncé, her new album dropped today. It’s already an all-timer, win awards like…” he went on before a clip showed Al Pacino at the Oscars when he said, “And my eyes see ‘Oppenheimer.'”

Watch the performance in the video above.

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