Is Jim Harbaugh still in play for the Broncos?

Jim Harbaugh has yet to affirmatively say, “I’m not going to be the Denver coach.” Although we know from experience that doesn’t matter.

What we do know is that Harbaugh had a virtual interview with the Broncos, and that he then announced he was staying at Michigan. And that he then met in person with Broncos CEO Greg Penner in Ann Arbor, not in Denver.

The fact that Penner went to Harbaugh, and not the other way around, is significant. It suggests that the Broncos are pursuing Harbaugh, and not the other way around.

One source with knowledge of the Denver search has suggested sleeping with one eye open on the possibility of Harbaugh taking the job. There obviously is, or perhaps the key word is “was,” mutual interest. Harbaugh wouldn’t have met with Penner after Harbaugh said he’s staying put if he wasn’t still interested.

It’s unclear where all of that stands now. Is it about money? Is it about control? Is it about the quarterback?

Regardless, Harbaugh currently has some stuff on the horizon in Michigan, from an NCAA probe based on allegations that he was untruthful to investigators to the lingering confusion regarding the fairly swift departure of co-offensive coordinator Matt Weiss under circumstances that continue to be very vague and very confusing. Without knowing what Weiss was doing, there’s no way to know whether the actions would implicate anyone else, in any way.

So is there any way Harbaugh can end up leaving Michigan for Denver? It’s not impossible. Until the Broncos make a hire, it’s theoretically possible that Harbaugh will be the guy.

Is Jim Harbaugh still in play for the Broncos? originally appeared on Pro Football Talk