Jill Scott Slammed By Fans For Defending Chris Brown Following Abuse Allegations

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The internet wants Jill Scott to take a long walk and think about her controversial support for Chris Brown.

On Sunday, the Grammy-winning singer was hit with backlash from fans after she praised the fellow entertainer for his talents despite multiple abuse allegations and his guilty plea for assaulting Rihanna 15 years ago.

“@chrisbrown is amazing. How does ANYBODY sing like THAT? Dance, look, Act and Rap… like THAT? Beyond gifted. It appears, exceptional people have to go through exceptional 🔥. There’s nothing to debate,” Scott, 52, wrote on X.

One of the “Golden” crooner’s 1 million-plus followers fired back at her post writing, “I think the women he’s abused would disagree.”

Scott then defended Brown by revealing a personal anecdote about her mother’s “violent” ex-husband who was also a skilled craftsman.

“I doubt it,” she replied to the fan. “My Mother’s ex husband was a mean, violent human AND he could lay foundation better than anyone in my city. What he did with cement was awe inspiring. We got away. He got a raise and praise for his ability. God dealt with the rest.”

Another X user argued, “I love you Jill but he has so many domestic abuses cases it’s ridiculous we can’t look past that.”

To which Scott replied: “I love you too. I’m not here to fight anymore else’s battles. If/since women hear the stories, they should avoid that street. Running backwards in moving traffic makes zero sense. Therapy for every damn body.”

Outraged over the “Hate on Me” singer’s stance, her followers wasted no time criticizing her for “victim blaming” and sticking up for Brown.

Other fans insisted she was just sharing her opinion on Brown’s talent.

Scott seemingly addressed the backlash in a separate post on X on Sunday.

“Look. Years of prayer, therapy, self reflection, & making every effort to keep my feet on the ground has made me compassionate for other human beings,” she wrote. “People go through 💩 and do terrible 💩. We say we believe in God ; pray for enlightenment. We ARE a living testimony.”

Scott didn’t immediately respond to HuffPost’s requests for comment.

The “Steel Magnolias” actor’s comments about Brown’s “exceptional” talents appears to be in response to the viral diss track against fellow artist Quavo that he debuted last week amid their ongoing beef.