Jessica Tarlov Reminds Fox News Cohost Jesse Watters When He ‘Nearly Cried’ After Republican Midterm Losses | Video

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Fox News’ “The Five” celebrated favorable Trump polls on Friday, with host Jesse Watters going so far as to crow that “women, Hispanics, Blacks” all “agree with the policies that Donald Trump pushes.” Jessica Tarlov was ready for him, though, and fired back, “Remember the midterms? You nearly cried.”

The exchange took place after fellow host Greg Gutfeld admitted he was looking for a Trump “blowout.” Gutfeld said, “I think Republicans have to focus on something that they don’t want to talk about. Trump trounces Haley, Haley trounces Biden. If B is greater than C, and A is greater than B, then A is greater than C.”

“But we’re not counting the future coalition of anti-Trumpers, especially when the media gets their weight behind them,” he continued. “You have to think that that’s going to grow. So, it’s the only advice I would ever give to Trump, and that is to honestly take an inventory of the things that alienate people on the fence, and do less of that.”

“I don’t know what it is. You’ve got the diehards, right? You’ve got a huge, millions and millions of diehards, but see what’s pushing other people towards you and what’s pushing people away, and figure out… it might just be tiny little tweaks.”

“For example, the things that are pushing people toward him are the issues and policies of the Biden administration. So, sit back and watch the chaos do the work for you. It speaks for itself, you may not have to add anything,” Gutfeld added. “And play up the positivity of a new dawn, a new beginning, getting back to a country that is united. The actual message that Biden tried — that lied to us, you provide the real thing.”

“That’s what I would think because I think that’s something — I feel like there should be a Trump blowout given all of these numbers, that’s why I don’t trust it,” he concluded.

Watters was quick to jump in to encourage Gutfeld and viewers to believe the Trump-positive polling. He said, “I think you should trust it, just because Republicans are always so beaten down and demoralized into thinking you’re the minority in this country, and you see a poll like this with these demographics that Jessica just laid out: women, Hispanics, Blacks, people agree with the policies that Donald Trump pushes … and that should make all Republicans, all Americans, happy, because they were successful.”

That’s when Tarlov jumped in and asked, “Remember the midterms? You nearly cried.”

The reference was to the so-called “red wave” that failed to materialize following the midterm elections in November 2022.

The conversation began after Jeanine Pirro introduced polling that shows Trump besting Biden. Tarlov was quick to point out that the polls might belie actual facts. She said, “I know that Donald Trump released gold sneakers. He’s been indicted, so he thinks Black people like him more now, but do you really think he’s going to get 20%-plus of the Black vote?”

On Feb. 26, Rev. Al Sharpton took issue with Trump’s claim that Black voters have embraced his campaign because of the federal cases against him. On “Morning Joe,” Sharpton said, “Well, first of all, let’s be clear, Donald Trump is using the stereotype of Blacks being criminals and therefore we would gravitate towards somebody in a mug shot. He’s in a mug shot for trying to interfere with an election. Blacks were arrested to get the rights to vote. That’s what the marches were about.”

While discussing a New York Times poll that Trump leading 48% to 43%, Tarlov added, “It clearly upends electoral history. The Hispanic vote in The New York Times/Siena poll — so only 3% of their interviews were done in Spanish, with about 20% of the Latino electorate is only Spanish-speaking, so that seems like it’s not particularly representative.”

Watch the full conversation from “The Five” in the video above.

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