Jessica Simpson Dropped A Family Photo, And Fans Are Rattled By How Good Her Mom Looks

 Jessica Simpson in interview on Extra
Jessica Simpson in interview on Extra
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At the age of 42, Jessica Simpson is currently living a life that’s quite distanced from where she was at the height of her musical fame, thanks in part to a dedicated focus on motherhood and rearing the three children she’s had with hubby Eric Johnson. Not to mention enjoying a healthier life, both mentally and physically, after reliving good, bad, and ugly memories through writing her 2020 memoir Open Book. The entertainer recently took to social media to shower praise on the woman responsible for her existence, her mother Tina Simpson, and many followers were instantly agog after seeing how young the latter looks.

Jessica Simpson shared an Instagram post celebrating her mom’s birthday, complete with a pic of her sat between sister and fellow former reality star Ashlee Simpson Ross and their matriarch. Check it out below, noting if it’s necessary that Tina Simpson is the one all the way on the right.

If you’re like many of the people who commented on the Texas native’s image, then you might be wondering how you missed the National Enquirer story about Tina Simpson being abducted by age-reversing extraterrestrials. Or maybe you’re thinking that the two sisters have mastered the art of Photoshopping older pics of their mom into current shots taken with phones. Or maybe you’re going with a far more obvious assumption: that she sold her eternal soul for a Dorian Gray-esque painting. I’m only kidding, of course, as such thoughts just take credit away from the woman herself, as well as the clearly solid genetics coursing through this family.

Speaking of comments, though, check out some of these gobsmacked reactions to the post:

  • Who in this photo is 62?! Ain’t no fkn way someone in this photo is 62! And I’m not being nice just FACTS - @kantonia2020

  • What the hell?! Did your mom find the fountain of youth?!?! - @jess313b

  • At first I was “I didn’t know she had 2 sisters 🤷‍♀️” - @maggietheodore

  • I think she’s aging backwards! Literally had to zoom in to make sure this was her! She looks like a 3rd sister! 😍 - @_mrs_you_

  • Surely that’s not your mum!!! She looks younger than me - hal3ighmar33

We're just going to assume that last commenter isn't 150 years old. (All of them, really.)

To be sure, multiple commenters seemed to be in legitimate denial over believing that Tina Simpson was the pic's birthday girl, as it were, with other commenters chiming in to double down on convincing them. Granted, some of the less savory comments revolved around what kind of medical procedures were necessary to keep that ageless look going, but let's just focus on more of the complimentary responses, shall we?

  • Gorgeous! Apple doesn't fall far- look at those genes! ❤️62!! - @beantownfitness

  • Your mom does not look 62..I hope I look that amazing when I hit 62!! - @iamanjie2016

  • She looks like a sister….62? No way!! I’ll have what she’s having!! 😂💖 - @cupcakesforgrace

  • Wow! Did you mean to say 32??? Someone found the secret to eternal youth! - @carterleft1

Speaking to that last point, it turns out Jessica Simpson actually DID mistype when adding her mom's age, only not in the way fans might have expected. Here's the comment from Tina Simpson:

I love you @jessicasimpson even more that you said I was 62 not 63! 😊 - @tinasimpsonofficial

But let's not forget all the commenters, of which there were enough for this to be worth mentioning, who didn't read the whole message and automatically assumed this was an obit-related post. I'll just add the one example here, though:

  • Sorry for your loss - @carly_ander

As someone known to draw eyeballs online with self-described sexy pics, Jessica Simpson is certainly used to being in the limelight, as it's been shining her way for the bulk of her life, and someone should get some scientists to see if said limelight itself has a de-aging effect on her and Ashlee's mother.

Fans will potentially get to see parts of Jessica Simpson’ life dramatized via the TV adaptation of her memoir, Open Book, with Full House vet John Stamos starring in the pilot that filmed in late 2022, which Simpson executive produced. While waiting to see if and where that gets picked up, or if she'll make a return to reality TV, head to our 2023 TV premiere schedule for a rundown of all the big shows and specials coming soon.