Jessica Simpson Is Being Parent-Shamed for Treating Her Kids to This & Trolls Need to Chill

Jessica Simpson’s photos are always so sweet, especially when her kids are smiling from ear to ear in them. But trolls tried (and failed) to shame her for her Easter photos.

On April 10, Simpson shared a series of photos of her and her family celebrating Easter. She shared the photos with the caption reading, “Belated 🐰🐰.”

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In the belated Easter post, we see pics of Simpson with her daughters in their PJs, a full-family photo, with multiple pics of three kids with Easter baskets full of chocolate and plastic eggs, and a pic of Birdie with her adorable toys.

We then end with a pic of lookalike mother-daughter duo Simpson and Maxi with Dior boxes, and Birdie in her little tulle dress roasting marshmallows on the fireplace.

Truly, this post is so sweet, and it just shows how loving the family is. But, of course, trolls try to rain on their parade.

Jessica Simpson. Photo By: RCF/Everett Collection.
Jessica Simpson. Photo By: RCF/Everett Collection.

One troll said, “It looks like your children are happy, healthy and content. There’s no need to spoil them with material things. They just want you and your husband to see them and love them.” Bold to assume Simpson doesn’t love her children and thinks the world of them, and because she loves them, she could be doing the love language of gift-giving.

Many responded to this troll, saying things like “we all spoil our children” and “just stop- let her spend HER money how SHE wants to- stop looking for things to criticize her for- she’s had enough of that to last her a LIFETIME she deserves grace.”

The Open Book author and her husband Eric Johnson have three children together named Maxwell “Maxi” Drew, born on May 1, 2012, Ace Knute, born on June 30, 2013, and Birdie Mae, born on March 19, 2019.

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