Jessica and Ashlee Simpson Support Dad Joe at his First-Ever Photography Gallery Exhibit

Photo: Kristin Burns

Anything for dad! Jessica and Ashlee Simpson came out to support their father Joe Simpson’s new passion project over the weekend, attending the opening of Dream Works, his first-ever photography gallery exhibit at the Bruce Lurie gallery in Los Angeles.

The show, which, in part, benefits Adopt the Arts, included photographs of his two girls.

Jessica was joined for the event by husband Eric Johnson, while Evan Ross accompanied wife Ashlee.

Photo: Kristin Burns

Longtime family friend CaCee Cobb and her husband, Donald Faison, were also on hand, with the group enjoying drinks at the venue for around an hour.

Joe, 58, told PEOPLE ahead of his show that he always “loved being behind the camera."

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"There is something about taking pictures that makes me happy, and it has always been a hobby for me,” he explained, noting that he hadn’t thought about taking photos professionally until a few years ago.

He added, “Landing my first editorial job was huge! It has been amazing to have credit in the space and people who respect my work.”

Getting his daughters involved was easy – they’re used to being on the other end of a lens.

“As their father, I have obviously been familiar with seeing them in front of the camera and at hundreds of shoots,” he told PEOPLE. “So it was a very cool and proud moment to be shooting them as Joe the artist not just their dad!”