Jessel Taank Defends Brynn Whitfield After Flirting With Erin Lichy’s Husband

(Photo by: Sean Zanni/Bravo via Getty Images)
(Photo by: Sean Zanni/Bravo via Getty Images)

Season 14 of the Real Housewives of New York City has picked up steam. The reboot features a diverse cast. And one very big flirt. Brynn Whitfield will flirt with anyone at any time.

Her choice to get flirty with co-star Erin Lichy’s husband, Abe Lichy, wasn’t controversial. But her timing was. She told Abe that she was available if he and Erin got divorced. While they were at Erin and Abe’s vow renewal. Oops!

RHONY cast member Jessel Taank decided to step up and defend Brynn. US Weekly has the scoop.

Flirting is in the eye of the beholder

“Brynn has more sex appeal in her pinky nail. Brynn just exudes this, like flirtatious fun. And she’s having fun with it,” Jessel explained. “Nothing Brynn does or says is ever serious.”

She continued, “That’s her personality. She’s very tongue-in-cheek. And that’s why I get along so well with her, because we have such a laugh together. Like, she gets it,” the fashion publicist added.

Jessel claimed that the comments that Brynn made to Abe were all in good fun. “I was standing right next to her at that moment, and Abe was laughing. If Abe was uncomfortable, I think I would’ve maybe stepped in,” she stated.

“But knowing Brynn, I know 100 percent that she was not serious. I know women that will steal your man, and that was not it. It was not it at all,” Jessel explained. “She was literally joking. And I know that she feels awful for what happened. It definitely wasn’t serious at that moment.”

Erin wasn’t amused

Well, someone should inform Erin, because she was not happy about Brynn’s flirty remarks. “Thinking back on it and the behavior, it’s just not something I would ever do. I don’t think that … it was the time or place or the behavior that I find to be, quite frankly, normal behavior,” Erin said.

But Brynn accepted responsibility and apologized for her behavior. “I’ve apologized multiple times and admitted that the timing and the setting was awful. I think I’m SO funny and that time I was super wrong. A divorce bit at an anniversary party was not a good choice,” she wrote in a response to an Instagram comment.

Well, we will have to see how the rest of the season plays out. But I have a feeling that Erin won’t let go of Brynn’s flirtation with her husband.

Real Housewives of New York continues on Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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